Ellen DeGeneres Parodies Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

YouTube/The Ellen Show

The many Taylors are joined by many Ellens, including Twerking Ellen, Cowboy Ellen and Karla Kardashian.

Ellen DeGeneres made a surprise appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” in a version released by the TV host on Friday.

The scene, presented by DeGeneres on her show, opens with the comedian sharing the diamond-strewn tub with Swift, gnawing on a sparkly necklace, then tying it around her head.

It also turns out that DeGeneres was on the other end of phone when the "new" Taylor Swift says the "old" Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone. When the comedian hears that the old pop superstar is dead, the camera cuts back to the tub, and she asks, “Then who am I playing footsies with?”

When it gets to the end scene with all of the different Taylors, Comedian Ellen shows up, flanked by her squad, including Twerking Ellen, Cowboy Ellen and Glamorous Ellen. Let’s hope there’s no “Bad Blood” here.

Watch the parody of "Look What You Made Me Do" below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.