Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun at Starbucks' "Satan Sipper" Holiday Cups: "How Dare They"

Ellen Red cup - H 2015
Courtesy of NBC

"If you want Christmas with your breakfast, you're going to have to do it the old fashioned way: You have to get really, really high, and then you have to go to IHOP and just stare at your pancakes until you go, 'I see baby Jesus in there.' "

Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in on the Starbucks holiday cup controversy and she has a couple of festive solutions if the coffee chain's red cups aren't jolly enough for you.

She explained on her talk show that people are claiming that Starbucks' new drink containers are anti-Christmas.

"The old cups had snowflakes and Santa's sleigh and elves. You know, all the things that you find in the Bible," DeGeneres deadpanned. As for the new cup, she joked, "You might as well call it a Satan sipper."

And she read the following statement from Starbucks about the issue: "Belonging, inclusion and diversity are the core values of Starbucks, and Starbucks wants to give customers an experience that inspires the spirit of the season."

She added, sarcastically: "How dare they."

So if you want a festive, holiday experience while enjoying your coffee, she has a couple of suggestions. You can do it the "old-fashioned way": "You have to get really, really high and then you have to go to IHOP and just stare at your pancakes until you go, 'I see Baby Jesus in there.' "

Or, for the low price of $99 ("less than the cost of a venti frappucino," DeGeneres quipped), you can buy a pair of her new Starbucks holiday vision glasses: sunglasses adorned with snowflakes, a Santa hat and a snowman.

She explained that if you put these on and go into Starbucks you'll "see Christmas everywhere you look — and not much else."