Ellen DeGeneres Puts Seth Meyers Through Awards Show Boot Camp

The Ellen Show Seth Meyers - Screenshot - H 2017

The 'Late Night' host also shared a story about his 2-year-old son's experience celebrating Hanukkah.

As he prepares for his upcoming hosting gig at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, Seth Meyers had his skills put to the test on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the daytime host put him through an awards show boot camp.

“Anything could go wrong. Things happen,” DeGeneres told Meyers during his visit to her show Wednesday. Devising a game plan for possible hiccups, DeGeneres instructed Meyers to read the teleprompter, while dealing with various distractions.

Prior to DeGeneres’ test, Meyers revealed that he is somewhat nervous for Sunday night's show, in particular being in front of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. “At least some of them have been on my show … But you’d rather you didn’t recognize them,” Meyers joked. “I would rather look out into a room full of strangers, as opposed to movie stars.”

The Late Night host also joked that it would be awkward if he saw a future guest find his Globes jokes not funny. “Because, they've watched me watch them not crack a smile.” DeGeneres then asked when the host would begin drinking during the ceremony, to which Meyers joked “right after the opening monologue.”

Later on, Meyers revealed that his 2-year-old son is a pro at celebrating Hanukkah after mumbling his own prayer during their family’s candle lighting. Meyers, who is expecting his second child, shared that he and his wife will be having another boy. Explaining that he loves that his son will have a sibling best friend, like he does, Meyers then joked that his feelings could be one-sided. “My brother doesn’t even say it. He doesn’t care for me at all. I’m clingy."