Ellen DeGeneres Reacts to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Engagement

The Ellen Show Queen Skit - Screenshot - H 2017

The talk-show host, and distant relative of the royals, says she convinced the 'Suits' actress to adopt a dog.

After it was recently announced that Prince Harry is engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, Ellen DeGeneres, who has claimed that she is Kate Middleton’s 15th cousin, congratulated the newly engaged couple during her show on Tuesday.

“My family is about to get a little bit bigger,” DeGeneres announced to her audience. “Kate Middleton is my 15th cousin, so that makes Prince Harry’s fiancée my other cousin.”

DeGeneres introduced her audience to Markle, sharing that the Suits actress was formerly the “holder for case 24 on Deal or No Deal." "Which means if Harry had picked the other model, he could’ve gotten a million dollars,” DeGeneres joked.  

DeGeneres also quipped about the excitement of having an American marry into British royalty: “We finally got somebody on the inside, you guys!" 

Apart from Markle being her “other cousin,” DeGeneres admitted to having met Markle before and how she ultimately convinced the actress to adopt a dog, something Markle has described in interviews despite the host failing to recall the encounter. “She adopted a dog, ‘cause I told her to … I don’t even remember the story, but she does, and obviously she does whatever I tell her to do,” DeGeneres said.

Using their encounter to her advantage, DeGeneres then began stating demands to Markle, hoping she would, once again, do whatever she “tells her to do.” “So, Meghan, if you’re watching, I have something else to tell you. Invite me to that wedding,” DeGeneres directed at Markle. She added, “And instead of plus-one, I want plus-400. I want all these people to come, too,” referring to her show’s audience.

DeGeneres continued to reiterate her “exclusive” ties with the royal family, surprising the audience with a "visit" from the Queen. “I texted the Queen this morning and she’s gonna talk with us right now through the technology Cisco.” DeGeneres said as she showed a mock-video conference with the Queen.

“I only agreed to this, because I thought I’d get the Twelve Days. I need a Vitamix!” the comedic voice acting as the Queen said, alluding to DeGeneres's infamous “Twelve Days of Giveaway” that occurs during her show's December broadcasts. “How do you need anything at all? You’re one of the richest people in the world,” DeGeneres responded, only for the pretend Queen to say, “Yeah, but who doesn’t like free shit?”