Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Eric Trump’s "Deep State" Claim

After the president's son tweeted that he believes the daytime host is part of an anti-Trump conspiracy group, DeGeneres rebutted the claims, joking “I don’t have that kind of time.”

Ellen DeGeneres may have daytime host, stand-up comedian and activist listed on her résumé, but she wants Eric Trump to know that being part of an alleged conspiracy group dubbed the "Deep State" is not one of her roles.

"If you know me at all, you know I don't pay attention to politics, but unfortunately politics pays attention to me," DeGeneres said during the opening monologue of her Thursday show.

On Tuesday, the president's second son shared a screenshot of Twitter's suggestions of accounts to follow including those of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. In the tweet, Trump made a reference to the "Deep State" conspiracy theory that there is a secret civil service dedicated to delegitimizing the Trump administration, something Trump's son believes DeGeneres is a part of.

Poking fun at the bizarre claim, the daytime host joked, "First of all, which one is Eric? Did he kill the elephant or the cheetah? Which one? I don't know. So second, what is the Deep State? Is it near Dollywood? Cause I'm in, if it is."

Explaining that the theory is the "craziest thing" she's seen all week, DeGeneres admitted to being confused on what the "Deep State" is supposed to be. "Apparently, Eric Trump thinks that Twitter is trying to trick him into following liberals," DeGeneres told her audience. "Apparently, I'm part of some secret government conspiracy called the 'Deep State.' And so, I found — have you heard of Deep State anybody? Neither had I."

After learning the supposed group is passionate about undermining the president, DeGeneres said that's "ridiculous," "because no one has undermined Donald Trump more than Donald Trump."

Still DeGeneres was quick to deny Trump's allegation, explaining that she is too occupied to "have that kind of time."

"I just wanna say, Eric, I am honored that you think that I'm powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy. I am sorry to disappoint you, I am not part of the Deep State," DeGeneres told her audience, joking about her other commitments. "Even if somebody wanted me to be involved, I don't have that kind of time. I've got my gay agenda meetings on Mondays. I've got, on Wednesday Beyonce and I host an Illuminati brunch. And then Portia and I on the weekends are desperately trying to have a baby, so I can't. I don't have time."

Despite being unsure as to why the president's son would put her into the supposed conspiracy group, DeGeneres explained that there could be a simpler reasoning as to why Twitter suggested he follow her account. "I mean, it could be a conspiracy or it could be because your sister Ivanka follows me on Twitter, and your sister Tiffany follows me on Twitter and maybe you should follow me. I mean, because I post a lot of cute videos. We might not agree on politics, but I think we can both agree that this is cute." The daytime host then proceeded to show a funny video of a cat and dog.