Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Beats Music Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Ellen DeGeneres Beats Music - H 2014
Michael Rozman

The Oscar host celebrated her 56th birthday in style by blasting out tunes on the new music-sharing app; "You're really not meant to see it until the Super Bowl, but it's my birthday and it's my show, so I get to do what I want," she announced.

Even at 56, Ellen DeGeneres still knows how to party. 

The Oscar host — and extremely talented dancer — shows off her moves and reveals her love of the new Beats Music app on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I shot a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl this weekend. It's for the Beats Music app, which is something that I absolutely love. It is a music app on your phone that helps you make personalized playlists," says DeGeneres, whose birthday was on Jan. 26. 

"You know how on other music apps you can pick a song and then all of a sudden all these other songs don't even go with it? 

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"Beats has a playlist and it's picked by real people — like me! I have some songs that I've curated on there; I have a few lists. Also, you can tell it where you are, how you are feeling and it makes exactly the right playlist for the place you are," she explains.

"I love the app and I had so much fun shooting the commercial. You're really not meant to see it until the Super Bowl, but it's my birthday and it's my show, so I get to do what I want. 

"That's what they get for loaning it to me. So here it is for the first time," the talk show host says. 

The fairy-tale-themed commercial opens with a caped female figure heading into a party, where guests with owl and pig heads mingle outside a building called The Woods.

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"Once there was a girl who was hungry for the perfect music to dance to," says DeGeneres in the voiceover, before pulling down her hood, hitting play on her phone app and rocking out with a pair of Beats headphones in hand.

The first song was too fast, the second song was too slow … and the "teenager's music?!?"

"But have no fear, then she used Beats Music, I'm in a den and I feel like dancing to pop music," says DeGeneres, as a wild bunch appear behind her including some bears and a wolf (all with human bodies and hip clothes, of course.)

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"Hit play, baby," instructs one bruin and the bash really gets started, as our heroine — now wearing a cape-like jacket, polka dot shirt and with a bow on her head — breaks out her moves with the party animals. 

"And they all danced happily ever after." The end. 

Instead of receiving presents, the birthday girl gifted her entire studio audience with G Flex phones from LG to try Beats for themselves.

See the full clip below. The commercial premieres on Sunday, Feb. 2, during the Super Bowl.