Ellen DeGeneres Scares Carrie Underwood and Makes Her Do a Chicken Dance

Carrie Underwood - Ellen Show - Publicity - H 2016
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Seth Rogen is involved in the chicken dance prank.

Carrie Underwood made her tenth appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday and to celebrate, DeGeneres gave her a big scare.

The host showed Underwood a picture of the two of them from ten years ago saying, "I should give you a gift of some sort."

As she added, "I don't know what it should be," a man dressed up as Underwood's hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher jumped out of the furniture. Underwood screamed loudly and said, "Oh my gosh, c'mon!" as DeGeneres laughed.

That wasn't the only prank DeGeneres played on the singer. Before Underwood's appearance, Seth Rogen was a guest on the show. DeGeneres introduced a new game called "You Must Say" where guests are allowed to tell DeGeneres a phrase she must work into conversation with her second guest that day.

Rogen decided to take it one step further, by making the phrase "Now I hear you're great at the chicken dance, we have no music but now's the time to show us," said Rogen. "Because I want to see if she does it."

DeGeneres went through with it, stressing to Underwood that "everyone" says she does an "amazing chicken dance." Underwood was very confused but stood up and did a small chicken dance, looking very befuddled until DeGeneres explained what was happening.

Rogen himself took a turn making the audience laugh.during his appearance, where he played "Pitch Please" with DeGeneres. He had to pitch a product without knowing what it was.

He ended up pitching Vaseline, making unintentional jokes about the product as he blindly described it.

"I'd use it every day," said the actor. "I'd keep it in my living room because I want it handy. I might use it a few times a day so I want it close by."

He said mostly kids will use the product. "It's never too early to get started," he said as the audience burst out laughing.