Ellen DeGeneres Scares Lea Michele With 'Halloween' Masked Man

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

What a scream queen.

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to turn Lea Michele into a real-life "scream queen."

Michele went on Ellen to promote her new TV show, Scream Queens.  The women started out the interview talking about New Orleans, where the series was filmed, and Michele shared a story about being buried up to her neck, with spiders crawling on her. She admitted she was "secretly panicking" during the scene.

Then, the conversation turned to Michele revealing she wants to get co-star Jamie Lee Curtis to watch Halloween with her. "Just us sitting down in some Snuggies," she said.

As the duo chatted about scary movies, a man in a Michael Myers mask jumped out of the furniture and scared Michele, who screamed in response.

"That's it!" she said with a smile as she recovered from the fright. "I'm not coming on your show again. I am never coming back here, Ellen."

"You actually kept it together," said DeGeneres, looking impressed.

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