Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs Adele's "Hello": "Might Be Easier to Hear You if You Stop Playing That Piano"

Courtesy of Ellentube.com

The talk show host jokes that the hit was inspired by a strained phone call she had with the singer.

If you've seen Adele's video for her new single, "Hello," you know that the singer seems to be trying to reconnect with her ex, played by 90210 alum Tristan Wilds.

But Ellen DeGeneres joked on Thursday's episode of her daytime talk show that Adele's hit single is based on a phone conversation the two of them had, and she had the sepia-toned video to prove it.

Cut to DeGeneres sitting on the couch, where she receives a call on an even older cellphone than the flip phone Adele uses in her video: Think Zack Morris' and Wall Street's bricklike mobile phones.

It's Adele or, rather, moments from her video, which are intercut with DeGeneres saying she's having trouble hearing the singer and telling her to hurry up.

"It might be easier to hear you if you stop playing that piano," says DeGeneres eventually. "Seriously, speed it up. I'm kind of in a hurry. Just get to the point."

She's later interrupted by another artist singing about how she "used to call him on his cellphone." And finally, DeGeneres receives a call from Lionel Richie, who's wondering, "Is it me you're looking for?"

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