Ellen DeGeneres Talks Meeting Warren Beatty: "You Wanted Me"

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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Beatty said he didn't know DeGeneres was gay.

Warren Beatty sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, and the two took a trip down memory lane.

Beatty said he remembers being "very impressed" by DeGeneres' acting during a romantic scene with Garry Shandling in The Larry Sanders Show. He said he had a "long talk" with Shandling about DeGeneres.

DeGeneres tries to get Beatty to say more, but he is awkward and shy in the exchange. 

"I think you didn’t know I was gay at the time," said DeGeneres.

"I knew you were happy I didn't know you were gay," joked Beatty, adding that he remembers her being "really really good" on The Larry Sanders Show.

"I had fun with him," said DeGeneres, referring to Shandling. "But you wanted me." Beatty burst out laughing and took a sip of his drink. The conversation transitioned into one about Beatty's wife, Annette Bening, whom Beatty was already dating at the time.

Beatty said Bening is the "best thing" that has ever happened to him. DeGeneres commented on how she had thought Beatty would never settle down after the "scores and scores" of women he'd been with, but that she's glad the two found each other.