Ellen DeGeneres Responds to 'Finding Dory' Oscar Snub With "Alternative Facts" Joke

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The talk show host, who's also emceed past editions of the Academy Awards, chimed in on this year's nominations.

Ellen DeGeneres dedicated her monologue on Wednesday's edition of her daytime talk show to this year's Oscar nominations.

As usual, DeGeneres, a former Oscar host herself, was full of jokes.

"Every year there are more snubs — and people are like, 'Oh no, movies should have been nominated and they weren’t!' And unfortunately, Finding Dory did not get nominated," said DeGeneres, who voiced the animated Dory in the film. But the host was inspired by the Trump administration to look on the bright side. "According to alternative facts, it did," she joked, referencing Kellyanne Conway's oft-mocked term.

"One thing that everyone is happy about is than the nominees are a lot more diverse that ever before," said DeGeneres, "This year they range from sad all the way to extremely depressing."

The host pointed out that La La Land scored 14 nominations. "It’s a movie about an incredibly attractive young woman and a ridiculously handsome young man who find each other and become famous. It’s a story that had to be told," said DeGeneres, deadpanning.

She also joked about Meryl Streep finally being nominated again after two years, and had a lot to say about the eponymous Anthony Weiner doc getting snubbed.