Ellen Page, David Freyne on Their “Unique” Zombie Film 'The Cured' | In Studio

“We like to say it's the zombie film where other films end,” director Freyne told THR.

The Cured director David Freyne and the film’s star, Ellen Page, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss their “unique” zombie film and how they pulled from current events for inspiration.

“We like to say it’s the zombie film where other films end,” Freyne told THR. “It takes the idea of a cure for this infection and it starts with these people being cured and reintegrated back into society after they’re infected, so it’s about how they deal with the trauma of what they’ve done, how people take them back in and how society kind of recovers from that. So it’s a unique zombie film.”

Page plays the lead role of Abbie, who’s been living outside of Dublin with her son since her husband died during the zombie outbreak and returns to find a sense of normalcy for her child. She spoke of her involvement with the project, saying, “I got involved because I was sent David’s script and I was just so compelled and moved, and thought it was such a fresh new take. I watched his short films, which are fantastic, so I just felt lucky to be a part of his first feature.”

While The Cured is essentially a zombie film, Freyne explained how real-world events helped inspire his writing.

“When I started writing, it was when we had the big recession in Ireland and Europe and there were lots of protests, and it’s when we had the rise of populist politicians who were exploiting the fear around them,” he said. “We never imagined Trump would happen, but he was a symptom of what was happening then. He exploits the fear around him and exploits the anger around him for his own ends, and that’s why Tom in the script, the antagonist, is a politician who essentially does that, and he doesn’t get his hands dirty but he is essentially responsible for what’s going on.”