Ellie Goulding Is the Reason Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Together

Ellie Goulding - H 2015

The singer can add "celebrity matchmaker" to her job description.

Forget scientific formulas and compatibility tests — Ellie Goulding has found a foolproof method for matchmaking, and it's already got a high-profile success story to back it up.

The British singer revealed to The Sun that she set up fellow blond pals Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. The reason she knew it'd work out? "Calvin is a really great mate, and he's so fantastic, and Taylor is such a cool person who I love. I thought, 'They're both really awesome and both really tall, they'll be brilliant together.' " It's true, sometimes all you need for real romance is two equally awesome, equally tall people.

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So far, all seems to be going well between Swift and her new Scottish DJ beau. The couple have been spotted engaging in uber-couple-y activities such as hand-holding and congratulatory kissing. But regardless of whether the relationship is built to last or is just a summer fling, we're betting we'll get some awesome music out of it. And for that, we can all be happy.