Ellie Kemper Rocks an Aquatic-Toned Eye at the Emmys

Ellie Kemper - Emmys 2017 - Getty - H 2017
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“I wanted to do something shiny and bright with textures,” says artist Liza Coggins.

After working together for six years and counting, makeup artist Liza Coggins knows what looks best on longtime client and friend Ellie Kemper. “She looks magnificent with a strong lip, but she’ll usually push for something on the lighter side,” says Coggins. “With Ellie’s eyes, that’s where I have the most room to work.”

Case in point: the 2017 Emmys, where Coggins sent Kemper down the red carpet with an aquatic-hued eye, inspired by the tones found in her Jenny Packham gown.

“I wanted to do something shiny and bright with textures,” says Coggins, who also did Kemper’s makeup for her 2012 wedding to writer/producer Michael Koman. “I used Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in pink (#27) to sculpt and shape out the eye as well, then underneath as well, close to the lash line. I worked it and blended it way low underneath the lower lashline. It’s a great way of opening up somebody’s eye without making them look made up,” she explains.

Coggins then dusted a gold shade (#28) across the lid, before accentuating with pops of blue (shades #25 and #26 along the lashline). With Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Proliner #1 Black, Coggins edged the upper lash line, before adding a final pop of color with Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Proliner #2 Blue, then coated lashes liberally with Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara.

“Ellie has such a great face to work on,” says Coggins, who also did makeup for Kemper’s mother and sister ahead of the awards show. “You can do something very modern, very edgy with her, or you can do something classic and old Hollywood.”