Elton John Opens Up About Gucci's "Knowing Winks" to His Past Fashion Moments

elton john - Getty - H 2018
Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari

The pop music superstar appears in the latest issue of V magazine out Wednesday.

Elton John has been all over the news lately — as the subject of the upcoming biopic Rocketman with Taron Egerton, embarking on an ambitious three-year final tour and starring in a capsule collection out now by red-hot fashion label Gucci.

In an interview in V magazine out Wednesday, the iconic performer talks about his style evolution, his 1970s-era Bob Mackie costumes and getting Guccified.

“I’m a huge fan of Alessandro Michele’s amazing work,” the pop superstar says of the Gucci artistic director who has dressed him for the Grammys and other high-profile events. “His bold mix of color, exuberance and eclecticism gave fashion a massive kick up the backside. That same spirit reminded me of my insane enthusiasm for fashion, particularly in the first 30 years of my career. I spotted a few knowing winks in Alessandro’s collections to some of my past fashion moments.”

Not overlooking the OG sultan of sparkle, John gives props to his first flamboyant fashion collaborator, who helped develop his larger-than-life image: "Bob Mackie has said that his approach to dressing me for stage was to 'treat me like a male showgirl,' and that’s exactly what we did! Together, we had so many ideas. He couldn’t make the clothes fast enough. Bob made some fabulous outfits for me — feathers, sequins, glitter — totally outrageous one-offs. I look at them now and they make me howl with laughter. We had so much fun!”

Michele's daring spirit reminds John of that time early in his career when he was up for anything, he says. “I’m not a very nostalgic person, and tend to avoid looking back on my life,” he continues. “Opening up my costume archive and seeing how Alessandro reinterpreted key looks for today’s world has unearthed an exhilarating rush of emotions. I can’t believe how sartorially crazy I was, particularly in the ’70s! I was like a big kid in a sweet shop. I couldn’t get enough, and kept trying newer and crazier looks."

And while the 1980s may be the fashion industry’s current nostalgia crush, they had nothing on the ‘70s, he says. "I feel so blessed to have been a songwriter and performer in the '70s. It was a decade with an unprecedented explosion of creativity in music, fashion and filmmaking. There was inspiration everywhere, and so much individuality, revolution, positivity and hope."

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