Elton John and James Blunt Bond at Plan B Show

Elton John James Blunt Troubadour 11
Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup

Two British troubadours pose at LA club The Troubadour after rocking out to the UK's latest soul-pop sensation, Plan B.

British soul-pop sensation Plan B, fronted by singer-rapper Ben Drew, has sold more than three millions albums (one million in the U.K. alone), making him somewhat of a continental superstar, so it's no surprise that at his Los Angeles show on Thursday, Jan. 13 none other than Sir Elton John would be cheering from the stands.

And by cheering we mean bouncing enthusiastically in a pair of silver sparkle slippers that no doubt cost a fortune and pumping his fist in the air. That was the sight on the balcony of the Troubadour, where Sir Elton was seated next to fellow Brit James Blunt, who was in town for a round of press and promo.  

The sold out show was packed with fans well-accustomed to the sweaty frenzy that Plan B's music inspires, which boasts well for a U.S. transition. Although it must be said, that predecessors like Daniel Merriweather and Craig David found penetrating the American market to be an uphill battle.

Then again, there's no better endorsement than Sir Elton, who noted that he'd performed at the Troubadour at least 10 times over the years. In fact, for the first of those appearances some four decades ago, John himself relied on support from a more seasoned veteran: Neil Diamond.