Elton John Jokes About Letting Stevie Wonder Drive a Snowmobile: "That's Another Rival Gone"

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"That's him out of the way. We just needed to get Phil Collins and Rod Stewart up there," the singer-songwriter joked about letting the blind musician drive the vehicle alone on Tuesday's episode of ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Elton John joked about his lighthearted rivalries with his fellow iconic musicians when he stopped by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday.

While promoting his memoir Me, the singer-songwriter shared that the book features a potentially dangerous story with Stevie Wonder. "I was at the Caribou Ranch in Nederland [Colorado] and I was recording," John recalled. "And Stevie wanted to go out on the snowmobile."

Despite the fact that Wonder is blind, John let the fellow musician drive the snowmobile alone. "We thought, 'Okay, that's another rival gone,'" he joked. "'That's him out of the way. We just needed to get Phil Collins and Rod Stewart up there.'"

Host Kimmel asked John if he considered Bob Dylan a rival, and John responded, "No, he's way above me."

The legendary performer then shared a story that involved a game of charades with Dylan. When John first visited the U.S., the two attended a dinner party at Neil Diamond's house. "Bob Dylan was there. You can imagine how I felt. And so afterwards he said, 'Let's play charades.' And I said, 'Great, I love charades,'" John recalled.

He added that Dylan was not good at the game. "He was on my team," John noted before he shared that he is extremely competitive. "I threw oranges at him. The next day, my friend who was there, Tony, said, 'Just to remind you last night, you did throw oranges at Bob Dylan.' I went, 'Did I?'"

"Bless his heart. I love him to death," John continued about Dylan.

The singer-songwriter continued to share funny memories when it was revealed that his love of paper shredding almost ruined his civil partnership ceremony with husband David Furnish.

After explaining that shredding paper is "cathartic" for him, John said that she shreds everything in his house, including wrapping paper. "Anything goes," he said. "At Christmastime, the shredder gets red-hot and explodes."

John then revealed that his biggest mistake was accidentally shredding the table plans for the civil partnership ceremony. "We finally decided to do it at the house, at the big marquee, and we only have three weeks to do it," he said. "There were 500, 600 people there. David did all the table things. And so he spent two days doing it."

John further explained that his husband's desk was next to the shredder in their office, so the singer excitedly shredded the seating charts. "He came down and said, 'Where's the list?' I said, 'What list?' He said, 'You know, all the table planning.' I just ran out of the room," he recalled. "That was not a pleasant memory."

Watch John's full appearance below.