Elton John, Taron Egerton Go Behind the Scenes of New Song "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again"

The original Rocket Man and the 'Rocketman' lead actor talk of playing John in the Paramount biopic without veering into impersonation.

In a new featurette, Elton John and Taron Egerton go behind the scenes on the making of "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again," a new song for Rocketman that plays over the credits of the Paramount biopic, which stars Egerton as the music legend.

The video shows a studio recording of the duet, with John and Egerton taking turns at the microphone to sing their respective parts of the Oscar-nominated tune. The duo also do an impromptu sit-down interview, where John jokes about looking at Egerton as himself.

"Here we are, you and me, or you're me and I'm you, or vice versa," the original Rocket Man says. John also talks about the false starts in casting a lead actor for his life story, which uses songs to help drive the emotional journey.

"If you're going to do me, I knew you could sing, I wanted your interpretation of me, and not just acting with my music as well. And finding someone to do that is incredibly hard. You're unique. You're the only person who could have done this," the pop icon remarks in the video about Egerton never veering into impersonation.

Rocketman follows John’s life from being a young piano prodigy named Reginald Dwight to becoming a rock star struggling with addiction and finally seeking sobriety. The film blends fantastical and real elements.

The video also features Bernie Taupin, John's longtime songwriting partner.