Elvis Presley Crypt to Be Auctioned Off

Elvis Presley
Everett Collection

Other items from Amy Winehouse, Keith Richards and David Bowie will be sold during a June event.

Elvis Presley fans can own a piece of history -- for the right price, that is.

Presley's original crypt in Memphis' Forest Hill Cemetery will be auctioned off as part of auctioneer Darren Julien's "Music Icons" event along with other memorabilia beginning June 23, the Associated Press reports.

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The tomb is located in a mausoleum made of granite and marble.

Presley was laid to rest there after he died at age 42 on Aug. 17, 1977, but was reburied at Graceland mansion a few months later. The tomb was since been empty.

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The winning bid will receive the crypt, the opening and closing of the vault for burial, a memorialization inscription and use of a chapel for a memorial service.

Other items up for auction, Reuters reports, include Amy Winehouse's robe used in her "Rehab" music video; signed items from David Bowie, John Lennon and Michael Jackson; a ripped shirt with "hell" written on it worn by Keith Richards; and a pair of shoes worn and signed by former NBA star Michael Jordan.