Elvis Presley's Birthday Mistake By Michele Bachmann

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During a public rally, the Minnesota rep. accidentally wished the late singer a "happy birthday" on Tuesday.

Minnesota rep. Michele Bachmann flubbed Elvis Presley's birthday on Tuesday, wishing him a "happy birthday," CNN reports.

During a public rally in Spartanburg, SC, she declared, "Let's all say, 'Happy Birthday' to Elvis Presley today," during a "Join Team Bachmann" rally. Tuesday, Aug. 16 actually marked the 34th anniversary of Presley's death. (He died in 1977.)

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"We played you a little bit of Promise Land when we pulled up," Bachmann told the crowd. "You can't do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started celebrating taking our country back to work."

Bachmann was either eight months late or four months early in wishing Presley a good birthday. He was born Jan. 8.

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Between 30,000-40,000 fans gathered in Memphis at Graceland on Monday night to pay respects to the late musician-actor. Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie, sent a message thanking fans and announcing she would join them next year, on the 35th anniversary.