EMI Publishing creates media dept.


LONDON -- EMI Music Publishing has put Jonathan Channon in charge of a newly-created media department.

London-based Channon, who is elevated to executive vp media and business development, will oversee the new department, which will foster relationships and develop business opportunities within the film, TV and digital industries.

Channon rose in December 2005 from senior vp film, TV and media, to senior vp media and business development.

The new department will be divided into the three key areas of sales, licensing and production, with a goal to drive EMI's interaction with the media sectors.

"Changes in technology are causing increasing fragmentation in the media environment, and creating a long tail in synchronisation," comments EMI Music Publishing U.K. managing director Guy Moot, in a statement.

Moot recognizes that the publisher "must continue to strive to become more of a sales-oriented organization, with flexible rates that will allow us to work with all clients regardless of their size or business model."

EMI Music Publishing's film and TV team in Britain will be merged with the KPM Music House production libraries as part of new structure.

Melanie Johnson rises to head of sales, while Steve Hills is named head of licensing for the new department. Elaine van der Schoot becomes head of production. Former KPM director Peter Cox has moved into a consultancy role.

Moot adds, "More and more outlets are emerging with an ever-increasing demand for music, and we can deliver new opportunities for our songwriters by adapting to their varying needs and business models."