Emilia Clarke Shows Off Her 'Clueless' Valley Girl Impression

Emilia Clarke, Jimmy Kimmel - H 2015

Emilia Clarke, Jimmy Kimmel - H 2015

Meet Callie from the Valley.

As Game of Thrones fans know, Emilia Clarke can speak High Valyrian and Dothraki at a moment's notice. But her linguistic prowess also extends to the most California language of them all — Valley Girl speak.

Clarke nailed a perfect Valley Girl impression during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday. She introduced herself as "Callie from the Valley."

"She's like this whole, like, situation," said Clarke, laughing at her American accent. Clarke recounted using the accent in an attempt to hide her identity when she went shopping at Home Depot at 3 a.m. to buy an air conditioning unit for the haunted New Orleans house she was renting.

Kimmel asked how her California girl accent came about, and the actress gave the best — and most appropriate — response.

"I, like, love Clueless."