Actress Emilie de Ravin Claims She Was Accosted By Airline Employee Over Breast Pump

Emilie de Ravin and Eric Bilitch - Getty - H 2016

The actress says she was "grabbed forcefully, my carry-on bag ripped out of my hand."

American Airlines is investigating an alleged altercation between one of their workers and actress Emilie de Ravin after she accused an employee of assaulting her as she tried to bring a breast pump on board a Thursday flight.

Through several tweets, de Ravin said she was "grabbed forcefully, my carry-on bag ripped out of my hand" while she was at LAX on Thursday morning.

De Ravin is calling for the employee to be fired. 

The Once Upon a Time actress says the captain of the flight had to intervene in the situation as she writes that there "is NO excuse 4 physical force being used on someone trying to take her breast pump carry on."

A spokeswoman for the airline told The Hollywood Reporter that breast pumps are allowed onboard flights. Considered a "medical assistance device," a breast pump does not count against a carry-on item, according to the spokeswoman. 

The alleged incident is "still under investigation," accordingly to the spokeswoman, who added that the airline apologizes to de Ravin.

See de Ravin's tweets below: