Emily Blunt: "A Stutter Can Be Like a Straitjacket"


"I struggled with vowels, so 'Emily' was like the depths of hell for me."

Emily Blunt is starring in Into the Woods, premiering this week, and while promoting the film she opened up about her childhood stutter. 

"A stutter can be like a straitjacket," she told NPR in an interview. "I struggled with vowels, so 'Emily' was like the depths of hell for me."

This is not the first time Blunt has spoken about her stutter, she is candid about her struggles to speak and wants to raise awareness about the challenges stutterers face.

"The misdiagnosis [was] that I was a tense child, and I wasn't," said the actress. "I was desperate to speak. I wanted everything, I didn't want to miss anything, and I felt like I was missing out. So what I was, more than anything, was just immensely frustrated."

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Blunt's grade-school teacher noticed that she did not have trouble speaking when she did funny voices or accents while chatting with friends, so he suggested she try out for the school play and speak in a strange accent. The trick worked.

"[It was] just extraordinary that somebody who is not a stutterer would have the kind of insight to say: Be somebody else. Remove yourself from yourself and try it," she said.