Emily Blunt Taunts Jimmy Fallon in Box of Lies on 'Tonight Show'

The actress jokes about the faces the host makes as they play the lying game.

Emily Blunt played Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, alternating truth with lies about the objects she pulled down.

"It's an interesting thing," said Blunt after she removed the first item. "It's a record player with a pizza on it. And it's spinning." She added, "It's a pepperoni pizza."

"You lie," shouted Fallon and Blunt quickly responded with, "You suck!" holding up a pepperoni pizza spinning on a record player.

When it was Fallon's turn, Blunt made fun of the faces he was making as he pulled down a box within a box within a box. "How do your nostrils shake?" she said as he decided whether to lie or tell the truth. He went with the truth, which Blunt did not guess.

"Guys, you are easily pleased; it's not that funny," she said to the audience, who had laughed at the box-within-a-box gag.

On the final turn, Blunt pulled out a Frankenstein clown and said it was a "My Little Pony with a syringe stuck in it." Fallon had to decide whether or not to call her bluff.