Makeup Monday: Emily Blunt's Dramatic Beauty Look

Emily Blunt - P 2014
AP Images

Emily Blunt - P 2014

The 'Into the Woods' star's makeup artist breaks down her bold makeup and how to achieve the perfect ombre lip

When it comes to makeup, Emily Blunt usually goes the route of gorgeous, English rose — with her perfectly flushed cheeks and even, alabaster skin drawing a striking contrast to her chestnut hair.

So when she stepped onto the red carpet at the New York premiere of Into the Woods, for which she just earned a Golden Globe nomination, with dramatically darker and heavier makeup, the result felt much more La Dolce Vita and, dare we say, dangerous than her usual soft and delicate appearance.

"I have to say I was a little surprised," says Jenn Streicher, Blunt’s longtime makeup artist and a co-founder of the new Beverly Hills beauty studio, Striiike. "I have never seen Emily wear something like this."

The dress was black-lace number with rose embroidery from Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2015 show, wrangled up for Blunt by her stylist Jessica Paster. Streicher took her makeup cue from the frock, saying that it was the perfect mix of sexy and very elegant, and in fact, she was inspired by the beauty look that went down the Dolce and Gabbana runway.

"We did a bold sexy lip paired with an elegant eye flick," says Streicher, who first hydrated Blunt's skin with ReVive's Intensite Moisture Serum ($365) before putting on her moisturizer, and then the Hourglass N28 primer ($65) and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Natural ($43). Laura Mercier's Eye Caviar Stick in Rose Gold ($28) was applied over most of the lid and an amethyst shade along the lash line.

That sexy cat-eye flick was courtesy of Laura Mercier's cream liner in Black ($24). Then, says Streicher, "lots of lashes and lots of black mascara" to keep the drama going. For the deep, crimson lips, Streicher used Laura Mercier's creme lipstick in Plumberry ($27) as a base, with a darker lip liner called Ruby to deepen the ends. A lighter color called Hollywood, also from Mercier, was applied to the center of Blunt's lips in order to create an ombre effect, so her pout wouldn’t fall flat or look too heavy.

"I think this is an easily translatable look for just about anyone," says the makeup artist. The makeup, maybe. That dress? We'll leave it to the runway and red-carpet pros.