Emily Tang takes home Vancouver prize

'Perfect Life' had its North American premiere at the fest

TORONTO -- The Vancouver International Film Festival on Thursday gave its 2008 Dragons & Tigers award to Chinese writer-director Emily Tang's "Perfect Life."

Tang's latest film portrays a repressed young woman beginning a new job as a hotel maid while largely living in her own fantasy world.

The feature had its North American premiere in Vancouver after a Venice bow.

"Perfect Life" beat out competition in the Dragons & Tigers competition from Yokohama Satoko debut feature "German + Rain," Uchida Nobutero's "Kaza-Aana," Yukiko Sode's "mime-mime," the Singaporean anthology film "Lucky 7," and Gao Wendong's "Sweet Food City," which was recut and resubtitled after its Berlin bow.

Also in competition was Korean director Seo Won-Tae's "Synching Blue" and "The 'Thank You' Girls," a Filipino variation on "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" from Charliebebs Gohetia, the editor of Brillante Mendoza's films.

Each year, Vancouver gives the Dragons & Tigers trophy to the best first or second feature-length film by an emerging Asian director.

The Vancouver International Film Festival continues through Oct. 10.