San Sebastian: Emily Watson Says Hollywood Gender Equality Not Her "Personal Quest"

emily watson - H 2015
Photo by Pamela Rolfe

The actress, who will be honored Friday with the Donostia lifetime achievement award, also discussed frequently playing mothers.

British actress Emily Watson told journalists at the San Sebastian International Film Festival Friday she was too grateful to be able to work to take up the cause of gender equality in Hollywood.

"In terms of equal pay, there’s obviously a question to be answered about how it’s divided up, but I don’t think it’s my personal quest," the actress who is in town to receive the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award Friday night said. "I just feel so grateful that I do a job that I love and someone pays me."

Watson fielded questions from journalists ahead of tonight’s gala ceremony where she is to receive the award ahead of the official competition screening of Marc Recha’s A Perfect Day for Flying.

When asked why she played so many mothers and if she wouldn’t rather play a villain, the actress said she was proud to play women with children.

"I am a mother. I’ve played a lot of mothers, but a lot of really interesting women are mothers. It’s not or the other," Watson said. "I’d love to play a villain and it’s always fun to do a wide spectrum of things. But I think women of my age who are interesting and represented in cinema, many of them have children."