Eminem Appears in Two Super Bowl Commercials

The rapper, not known for hawking products, suddenly pops up in ads for Lipton's "Brisk" iced tea and a near $9-million-dollar spot for Chrysler's 200 sedan during the big game.

Platinum-selling Interscope recording artist Eminem is known for his hard-hitting rhymes, but selling everything from iced tea to sexy sedans has not typically been part of the hip-hop purveyor's modus operandi.

Subsequently, some were surprised to see the rapper’s likeness in a claymation advertisement for Lipton Sunday during the Super Bowl.

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The meta self-referential, irreverent spot, which several media outlets, including Billboard.biz, previously reported would air during Sunday's game, is part of a series of claymation for the digital age ads using the likeness of music stars paired with actual voice-overs from names such as Eminem and Ozzy Osbourne.

Sunday represented the latest installment of Lipton’s series of spots, which starts out with Eminem saying, “I get asked to do commercials all the time” (see the ad that aired Sunday below), but then when he "tries the products," he "always hates them."

Apparently, Marshall Bruce Mathers really enjoys iced tea.

But that’s not the only commercial the “Not Afraid” lyricist appeared in Sunday. The Grammy winner also popped up in much different-looking promo for Chrysler’s 200 Sedan.

In that sleek Wieden+Kennedy produced spot, the car company seems to be cashing in on Detroit’s gritty cachet, with Eminem as the poster child for the Motor City where a new generation of cars are (still) being made. The rapper’s wrist gets the close-up treatment in the spot as the 38-year-old glides along a Detroit road as his “Lose Yourself” booms in the background. Later in the commercial, the 8 Mile star looks at the camera and says bluntly: “This is the Motor City...this is what we do.” The spot featured voice-over from Kevin Yon, who, like Eminem, is a Michigan native.

See both the Chrysler and Lipton ads as they aired Sunday if you missed them below.