Emma Kenney on the Political Controversy Surrounding 'Roseanne'

"There's a whole lot of different storylines that are going on other than politics," Kenney told THR.

The Roseanne reboot has been a hot topic ever since its debut last month for two reasons: its consistently high ratings and its Trump-supporting lead character. Emma Kenney, who plays Harris Conner-Healy (Darlene's daughter), stopped by The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to talk about the political controversy surrounding the show.

While she said the cast rarely discusses politics on set, she added, “The show is all about a family and family differences and how they bond together at the end of the day and end up having a nice family meal. And maybe it’s not so nice, maybe they’re screaming at each other, but it’s all in normal family fun.”

Kenney added a message to viewers for the rest of the season, saying, “Something I want the viewers to know is we talk so much about things going on in [the] current day other than politics. There’s a whole lot of different storylines that are going on other than politics.”

Politics aside, the 18-year-old actress feels honored to be able to call herself a part of the Conner family, saying, "I’m so excited to have been able to join this iconic '90s family and be working with the class acts that have graced the covers of The Hollywood Reporter before. Just working with that level of talent is just a true blessing and an amazing experience."