Emma Roberts and Amanda Seyfried Fete the Return of Fendi's Baguette Bag

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Fendi

"I've always coveted a Baguette since I first saw it on 'Sex and the City,'" said Roberts, who joined Silvia Venturini Fendi at a party on Thursday night to celebrate one of fashion's most iconic "It" bags.

Few handbags have enjoyed a pop-culture presence like Fendi’s high-wattage Baguette, and not even Hollywood actresses are immune to its allure. “I had no idea what a Baguette was until I shot Mean Girls,” Amanda Seyfried, who co-starred as Karen, one of the clique-obsessed “Plastics” in the 2004 film, told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was just 17 and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, so I never had any money to buy anything like that. We were at the table read, and there’s the line, ‘She has a Fendi bag, so I have a Fendi bag.’ Then I saw it on set and thought, 'OK, I get it.'”

On Thursday night Seyfried, Emma Roberts and Olivia Palermo joined Silvia Venturini Fendi — the woman who defied convention when she created the diminutive Baguette in 1997 — among a crush of guests at the Italian label’s Madison Avenue boutique to celebrate the style deemed fashion’s first "It" bag.

To highlight both the bag’s return and its latest evolution, Fendi launched a campaign in late January called #BaguetteFriendsForever, spotlighting a theme of female friendships in three cities: Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. In the short film for the latter, Sarah Jessica Parker appears, and perched on her shoulder is a purple-sequined Baguette similar to one she, well, “Carried” as her most iconic character.

“I’ve always coveted a Baguette since I first saw it on Sex and the City,” Roberts told THR. “I never owned one until I came across one in a second-hand store; I think I paid $80 for it, which made me love it even more. Then, of course, a bottle of nail polish exploded inside it and ruined it.” Roberts woke up in her hotel Thursday morning to a lovely surprise courtesy of the brand: a black leather Baguette in the new large size that’s among the just-released styles for Spring 2019. “My sister has already tried to steal it, but my birthday is this Sunday, so I’m considering this an early present,” Roberts added.

One of the latest iterations of the Baguette is indeed larger, with sister styles in mini and medium versions. And if you’re not into carrying it on your shoulder, longer straps also have been added to turn a Baguette into a cross-body style. “I don’t love wearing a bag on my arm, and I’m also petite, so I really love small bags,” Seyfried said, pointing to the leather Mini Baguette she chose to coordinate with her look from Fendi’s Spring 2019 collection. “The second I put this bag on, it felt perfect.”

“Today there are more choices than ever with the introduction of more sizes, from oversize to mini Minis,” Venturini Fendi told THR. “Part of the Fendi heritage is to change with the times, and now Baguette lovers have more choices for self-expression than ever before.”

On the event’s invite, the dress code mentioned that you should bring your best friend and your favorite Baguette. Palermo obliged on the latter detail, carrying a vintage Baguette given to her by her mother. “I’ve developed quite the collection over the years, but I love this one — how can you not, especially when it’s from your mom,” she said. On the subject of how many Baguettes Palermo owns, however, the entrepreneur and frequent brand collaborator demurred: “As someone who works in fashion, you like to have a few options — I’ll leave it at that.”

Thursday night’s party included a selection of four limited-edition Baguettes: These “re-editions” are the same size as the classic style, with three featuring the FF logo embellished with sequins. They’re listed at $6,500 each and only available at the Madison Avenue boutique through the weekend. Each evokes the special editions Fendi has continued to produce over the last two decades.

“When we first introduced the Baguette, it was impossible to get ahold of one,” Venturini Fendi said. “It was disruptive to the fashion industry at the time, which was all about minimalism, and [many Baguettes] were intricately embellished and unique. We still make Baguettes like these that are collectible, museum-quality pieces, and they never went out.”

If you miss the re-editions, however, don’t fret: The new mini, medium and large Baguettes also have arrived, with prices starting at $2,100. And more are planned to debut in future months, which should be welcome news for collectors. “Baguettes are like addictive treats,” Venturini Fendi said. “It’s impossible to have just one.”