This Is How Emma Roberts Got Through Her Unretouched Aerie Real Photo Shoot

Emma Roberts - P 2015
Michael Simon/Startraks Photo/Courtesy of Shadow PR

Emma Roberts - P 2015

It's the same idea she applies for stepping out on the red carpet.

There's nothing surprising about the amount of scrutiny that famous folks have to face on the regular, whether it's being noticeably Photoshopped for a magazine cover or having the Internet critique their bodies. So doing an unretouched photo shoot is far from easy, but Emma Roberts is willing to take the challenge: She's the first celeb to star in Aerie's non-Photoshopped Aerie Real campaign this fall.

As a fan of past Aerie Real ads that featured everyday girls, Roberts says she enjoyed how all the previous campaigns looked like everyone was genuinely having fun.

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"I think that's really important when you see campaigns — not everyone is doing duck faces but they're actually having fun. And for me, I think we live in such an age of Photoshop and Facetune, and all of those kinds of things, I thought it would be nice to show me unretouched," the Scream Queens actress — clad in an Aerie tank and knit dress, Zimmerman platforms, Wolford tights and an Alison Lou necklace — told Pret-a-Reporter Friday evening before an intimate dinner, held in celebration of her campaign, at famed florist Eric Buterbaugh's L.A. flagship.

She continued, "I thought I'd give people a glimpse into my life and see what I look like as me. And I hope this inspires girls to not feel like they need to look like anybody but themselves."

While the 24-year-old said she had "a lot of confidence" before the shoot, she admitted that when she walked on set in her undergarments, she "got instantly so embarrassed. I literally wanted to run back into my dressing room."

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So what kept her going? Having her makeup artist, hairstylist and wardrobe stylists by her side.

"So basically I walked on set and got really red in the face and embarrassed, and they just started blasting music and dancing and being silly and basically embarrassing themselves to make me feel better," said Roberts, adding that photographer Ali Mitton also made her feel comfortable and confident during the shoot.

"I just kind of felt comfortable and also realized that I would get to see the photos and make sure they were great. I feel we all wanted this campaign to be meaningful so we weren't going to pick any bad photos, so that was comforting," she added.

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As with her Aerie photo shoot, Roberts makes sure she stays in good company when stepping out on the red carpet, too.

"I always get nervous, I still…before I get on a red carpet, I get nervous," she shared. "But I think for me, it's about surrounding yourself with people that make you feel confident and comfortable, like I always bring some of my best friends to events so that way it's more fun and it doesn't feel like work or intimidating." And for the event, Roberts did just that: She invited close pals Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele, Glee's Becca Tobin, Kiernan Shipka, Jaime King, Zelda Williams and Dylan and Hopper Penn to celebrate with her.

Emma Roberts for Aerie Real (Photographed by Ali Mitton)