5 Things We Learned About Emma Stone in Vogue's May Issue


As the glossy's latest cover star, the "Spider-Man 2" actress chose to do her interview at, uh, a Build-A-Bear store.

As Emma Stone travels around the globe, promoting her next film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in which she co-stars with boyfriend Andrew Garfield, she's been reigning on the red carpet with everything from a Saint Laurent plaid checkered pantsuit to a white lacy Dolce & Gabbana outfit, among many red-carpet hits.

However, Stone doesn't consider herself a style icon, according to her latest interview in Vogue's May issue. "No I've never thought about that," she told writer Jason Gay.

Along with that revelation, we also learned a few other things about the 25-year-old actress in her chat with the fashion bible.

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Stone has never watched her own film Easy A.

Instead of watching the movie's premiere, she "went across the street, had home fries."

Stone has Googled herself.

Upon performing her web search, she says she learned that she's been referred to as a "Bland Basic Bitch," so now she refers to herself as such.

Stone is close with Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz.

The designer tells the glossy that he thinks of the star as "a close cousin rather than a celebrity I have to dress," adding, "My mother would have been proud."

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Stone has had a nude selfie surface online -- except it wasn't her.

When her publicist emailed her about the news, Stone reassured her publicist that it wasn't her. (Phew!)

Stone doesn't mind hanging out at the mall.

For her interview with Gay, she suggested they met at the Build-A-Bear store at the Westside Pavilion mall near Rancho Park. After building a stuffed cub, the pair headed to the food court, where they shared a Hot Dog on a Stick meal, which included two hot dogs on a stick, fries and frozen lemonade slushies.

A Hollywood starlet who doesn't mind taking a trip to the mall for lunch at a hot dog joint -- now, that's our kind of girl.

Read more of Stone's interview at Vogue.com or find Vogue's May issue on newsstands April 29.