Emma Stone: "Comedy Saved Me as a Kid" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

"[Comedy] opened up the world to me," said Stone of her favorite performances from comedic greats John Candy and Steve Martin.

"I wanted to do theater, I thought that would be what I would do. I wasn't the most excellent singer or dancer in the world, so it's funny to be here talking about a musical," Emma Stone told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actress Oscar Roundtable about the Damien Chazelle musical feature film, La La Land.

Boundaries" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable" image="2841056" excerpt=""We can be aware of what's happening racially, but for us, music, love, the things we talk about are universal.""]

"Ryan [Gosling] and I both developed the characters with Damien [Chazelle] for a long time before we shot, because they were originally written people younger than us, and we were sort of able to change what was driving these two people to stay in this town where their dreams had been crushed again and again and they were on the edge of giving us," said Stone, who scored her first Oscar nomination for Inarritu's best picture Birdman, in regards to her involvement with La La Land's development.

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