Emma Stone Is All of Us, Prefers Rosé Over All Other Wines

Rosé all day, but never Chardonnay.

If the great rosé shortage of 2014 in the Hamptons taught us anything, it’s that rosé is the new black. And as it turns out, Emma Stone is on board with it.

The La La Land actress joined her beauty team, hairstylist Mara Roszak and makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, for a rousing game of How Well Do You Know Me? for THR’s annual Beauty Issue, and fooled them both with her wine of choice.

While each answered “white” when asked whether she preferred red or white wine, Stone threw a wrench in the works with her answer: rosé. Goodwin earned extra points for knowing what she doesn’t like, however.

“Never chardonnay,” she said — a point with which Stone emphatically agreed. “I’ll get a rash!” she joked.