Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle Steal Spotlight at 'La La Land' Premiere

La La Land Stars_Getty - H 2016
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La La Land Stars_Getty - H 2016

Fans crowded at the Village Theatre in Westwood to support the cast and crew of the awards season favorite.

Marking their third movie together, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone return to the big screen to bring audiences the on-screen chemistry we know and love. Gosling reflected on his first audition with Stone. "Ever since I first auditioned for Crazy, Stupid, Love, we've been asked to improvise, so we've improvised on most of the films we've done together, and I think that connects actors in a way that's unique," said Gosling.

Gosling and Stone's chemistry is undeniable and that is exactly what caught the eye of producer Marc Platt. "The chemistry. The ability to be grounded in reality but play a little heightened at the same time and that charismatic movie star quality that they both possess so magically lights up the screen," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Producer Jordan Horowitz explained that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were a top choice early in the process. "When we first started developing the movie, we had a reel that we cut together that was a bit of a sales reel to show people what kind of movie we wanted to make. There were a lot of movies that we were referencing in the reel that Emma and Ryan had done together and had done separately, to show those prototypes of those characters we put in the reel," he said.

Costume designer Mary Zophres achieved the film's classic romanticism by drawing inspiration from the same reel Damien put together. "I broke it down, I slow-motioned and freeze-framed and made sure I had seen each of those movies — Boogie Nights, Bandwagon, Singin' in the Rain, to name a few," she told THR. Zophres also dug deep into the characters and their respective personas. "She [Emma Stone as Mia] also mentions in the script in the scene where she talks about why she became an actress and what movies she watched, like Bringing Up Baby and Casablanca, so watching those films and getting what she's attracted to as a character," she adds.

The film wraps up with the final musical number "Audition (the Fools Who Dream)," a personal favorite of composer Justin Hurwitz. "'Audition (the Fools Who Dream)' is the composition and the orchestration I'm proudest of. I just felt really inspired while I was composing it. And the idea of the scene and the lyrics that our amazing lyricists, Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, wrote really speak to me as a young, creative person — just the idea of dreaming and not giving up on your art really spoke to me," he explained. "I think we were just trying to create something for anybody who is creative or has a dream and has trouble sticking to it but knows that's what they were meant to do, trying to speak to those people. And that's a very broad scope of people because it's not just musicians; it's singers and writers and actors and poets and everything, so I hope it speaks to a lot of people."

La La Land opens on Dec. 9.