Emma Stone Told Woody Allen About Twitter, Where People are Already Stealing His Lines

Emma Stone Main - H 2015
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Emma Stone Main - H 2015

"He's got a lot of good one-liners," the actress said of her 'Irrational Man' director.

On last night's Conan, Emma Stone provided strong evidence that Woody Allen needs a Twitter account: He's kind of already tweeting.

"Do you have a favorite Woody Allen story," Conan asked Stone of working with the storied director, who directs her in the upcoming movie Irrational Man.

"I have a pretty good one," Stone nodded. "He asked me what Twitter was."

Tasked with the job of explaining the phenomenon that is Twitter to the perplexed director, Stone tried to describe the sometimes elusive "point" of tweeting. Allen then cut to the chase, asking Stone for an example of a worthwhile tweet.

Stone scrolled around for a sec, looking for a worthy tweet for Allen before coming across a pithy line from writer Joyce Carol Oates (a personal acquaintance of Allen's). "Oh, here's a great one," Stone said. "She wrote, 'tragedy plus time equals comedy.' "

To which Allen responded: "That's my line. ... In Crimes and Misdemeanors — Alan Alda — we did it about 50 times ... I mean I don't think she meant to steal my line. ... I mean it's very funny. I mean, I see the point. I see."

Conan and Stone agreed that Allen, of all people, should definitely be on Twitter.

"Yeah, he's got a lot of good one-liners," said Stone. 

 Watch the full video below.