Emma Stone Gets Hysterically Into Singing Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon

Emma Stone on Tonight Show — H 2016

"Whatever you're doing looks inappropriate," Stone told Fallon.

Emma Stone was highly enthused about the singing whisper challenge game she played with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show.

The actress wore headphones and tried to discern what Fallon was singing as he whispered the lyrics to "Born in the USA." At first, Fallon didn't make it easy for Stone, singing the beginning lyrics rather than the chorus. "Whatever you're doing looks inappropriate," she said, laughing. 

Then, Fallon turned the game into charades, trying to show a baby bump as he shouted "Born" and Stone guessed "Pork." Finally she guessed it, laughing so hard she was crying. "It looked like 'Pork in the Desert'," she said. The rest of their antics were entertaining to watch, with Fallon not letting up on Stone and singing "Blue Christmas" in an Elvis voice that made it hard for her to read his lips.

During her interview, Stone recounted the time she stepped on glass at the SNL40 afterparty earlier this year. She said someone took a knife, pulled the glass out of her foot and asked if she wanted to go on stage with Prince. The actress jumped on stage, playing the tambourine while her foot continued to bleed.

She also talked about auditioning for All That when she was 12. She found out at the last minute that she needed to have three characters prepared for the audition. Making it up on the spot, Stone came up with "a cheerleader who couldn't spell what she was cheering," and a babysitter who was possessed. 

"It was a pretty special experience," Stone joked.