Emma Watson on the Cannes Jewelry Heist: 'I Promise It Wasn’t Me!'

Emma Watson
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The Bling Ring star blows kisses to the red carpet crowd.

After $1 million in jewelry disappears from a Cannes hotel room, the festival is buzzing with “Bling Ring” innuendos but the film's star insists she has an alibi.

CANNES, France – "Are you sure it wasn't the actors from The Bling Ring?," quips producer Cassian Elwes.

After $1 million worth of Chopard jewelry went missing from a Cannes hotel room Thursday night, the town is buzzing with amused innuendo today, as more than a few festival-goers have pointed out the striking resemblance between the heist and Sofia Coppola's blissed-out teenage celebrity burglary saga, which premiered here Thursday.  

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Other cynics have suggested that perhaps Chopard engineered the whole hoopla for some headline grabbing PR (Chopard has, in fact, confirmed the burglary but contests the local police's account, saying the items lost were worth less than $1 million). 

The Hollywood Reporter took it straight to the source, opening an interview with Bling Ring star Emma Watson with: "You're not wearing any Chopard jewelry, are you?"

Watson laughed, saying she had only just been informed about the day's big news. 

"Someone stole like a million pounds worth of Chopard jewelry from Cannes? I promise it wasn't me!," she insisted. "It's crazy. That's really, really weird... I promise I'm innocent! I promise I had nothing to do with it! I went nowhere near the suites -- I can have someone vouch for my whereabouts at the time of the robbery!" 

Learning of the news from afar,  Bette Midler weighed in on Twitter with: "All jewelry is real; only the boobs are fake."