Emmett/Furla Films Launches TV Arm With 'Rescue 3'

Rescue 3 logo

The nearly $55 million cost of the first 22 episodes of the drama about L.A. firemen, lifeguards and the Coast Guard is being financed by the production company -- although there is no upfront distribution commitment set up.

Emmett/Furla Films is launching a television production division with a full season order of Rescue 3, a one-hour action-adventure drama which does not yet have any distribution.

Rescue 3 is being created by Gregory J. Bonann and Tai Collins of Tower 18 Productions, and written with Jim and John Thomas (Predator, Wild Wild West). Bonann, a 43-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Firefighter & Lifeguard departments, who will serve as executive producer, produced and/or directed more than 300 episodes of Baywatch.

"Randall Emmett and George Furla, have become very well known for producing huge action-adventure films and will now bring their experience and passion to television,” says Bonann. “I can't wait!"

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Emmett/Furla is fully financing the 22-episode first season of the series without an upfront distribution commitment. They are currently in talks with a number of networks and potential syndication partners, according to a company spokesperson. The show could land on a network or might eventually go out in syndication, with the target to launch fall 2013.

Each episode is expected to cost $2.5 million, which means Emmet/Furla is commited to spend $55 milliion upfront.

“We always knew we’d branch into TV, but we wanted to make sure the timing was right,” says Emmett. “We applied the same financing and strategy principles we learned from making films to TV production, allowing us to greenlight this production.”

Rescue 3 will feature Los Angeles lifeguards and firefighters as well as the Coast Guard. They will take on challenging calls, do daring rescues and save lives. Each episode will involve all three services.

No casting has been announced as of yet.