Emmys Beauty: Get Taylor Schilling's Nude Nails

Taylor Schilling Nails - P 2014
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Taylor Schilling Nails - P 2014

When it comes to her talons, the 'Orange Is the New Black' star knows the importance of finding her perfect match

Taylor Schilling, nominated for her role in Orange Is the New Black, really thought about what she wanted her Emmys manicure and pedicure to look like — and not just in the moment before manicurist Michelle Saunders started the nail job.

"She definitely thinks about what she wants to wear on her hands before an awards show," Saunders tells Pret-a-Reporter. "We talked about it two days before so we could have a plan going in."

That plan? The perfect nude to complement Schilling's beaded taupe-y and silver metallic gown by Zuhair Murad. "She was really vocal — she had a point of view. She said, 'I know I want to do a nude, but picking the right nude will be the challenge,' " says Saunders, who pulled together a selection of matte, sheer and cream options. "She immediately went for this Essie color called Cocktails and Coconuts," she says. "She said it was the perfect color. I put two coats on her hands and toes, and it went so well with her jewelry and handbag. She said she felt so pretty."

Schilling also had a big say in the length and shape of her nails. "She asked me to go as short as possible, and she likes her natural soft, rounded shape," says Saunders, who has worked with Michelle Dockery and Kate Beckinsale in the past.

Yes, nude might seem ubiquitous on the red carpet, but, says Saunders, "sometimes it's really the only choice that you have to go with when you're wearing an elegant dress." For Schilling in this particular scenario," she wanted to feel more like an icy cool goddess. But had she gone retro with the hair, then we would have done a vampy nail," explains Saunders.

Bottom line: "If you don't have an opaque nude in your medicine cabinet for 2014, you've missed out. It's going to be around for a while."