Emmy comedy actor contenders


Alec Baldwin
"30 Rock"
Pro: A standout in a cast where almost everyone has been nominated.
Con: Could there be "30 Rock" voter fatigue?

Steve Carell
"The Office"
Pro: A four-time consecutive nominee ...
Con: ... who has yet to win.

Jemaine Clement
"Flight of the Conchords"
Pro: He's this year's out-of-nowhere nominee, which worked for Ricky Gervais in 2007.
Con: Jemaine who?

Jim Parsons
"The Big Bang Theory"
Pro: Critics have been raving about his performance all season.
Con: He's the new kid on the block.

Tony Shalhoub
Pro: A six-time nominee with three wins.
Con: His show is in its final season; momentum shifted to Baldwin last year.

Charlie Sheen
"Two and a Half Men"
Pro: A win for Sheen would be a big endorsement of TV's top comedy.
Con: His performance isn't as showy as some of the others.