Emmy drama actor contenders


Simon Baker
"The Mentalist"
Pro: A newcomer in a field of repeat nominees.
Con: A newcomer in a field of repeat nominees.

Gabriel Byrne
"In Treatment"
Pro: A two-time nominee whose series is considered an actor's showcase ...
Con: ... though it has yet to receive a series nomination.

Bryan Cranston
"Breaking Bad"
Pro: Last year's winner received similar critical raves for Season 2.
Con: Ratings for the show are still low; his '08 win was seen as a bit of an upset.

Michael C. Hall
Pro: His performance carried the show to a second series nomination.
Con: All that blood might turn off voters.

Jon Hamm
"Mad Men"
Pro: He's part of his show's drama-leading 16 nomination coterie.
Con: Last year's result now makes Cranston the favorite.

Hugh Laurie
Pro: A three-time nominee ...
Con: ... that has yet to win.