Emmy Fashion: The Story Behind Kelly Osbourne's $250,000 Black Diamond Manicure

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The former reality TV star was terrified she might chip her pricey manicure created by an L.A. based jeweler.

Kelly Osbourne wore one of the most expensive accessory at the Emmy Awards. No, it was not her lavender gown, hair color, or her jewelry. It was her black diamond fingernail polish that costs $250,000 for just one bottle.

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The polish contain 267-carats of black diamonds and was recently released by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweller Azature. Other than Osbourne, the only other celebrity to have worn it is Jennifer Lopez. But there is no mention of when or where. The 1/4 million dollar polish is more fully explained on the jeweler's website.

Osbourne confessed to an E! reporter on the red carpet: "I've been so scared to touch anything because its powdered black diamonds... worth $250,000. I'm the only person they let wear it, it's in a safe upstairs in the hotel room. I couldn't believe it. I have not touched a thing all day."

Just before the awards, Osbourne uploaded a photo of the polish via Instagram, writing a classy comment:

"I'm s---ting myself to have that much money on my nails!"

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While just one bottle of the 267-carat nail polish was produced, other $25 versions of the ritzy design went on sale in Sept. So if you're interested in the 99 percent cheaper version, it will be sold, according to the Azature press release, at Fred Segal.