Emmy Reactions: What the Nominees Are Saying

The Normal Heart

Laverne Cox, Kerry Washington, Kevin Spacey, Allison Janney, Taylor Schilling, Ryan Murphy, Billy Bob Thorton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Lizzy Caplan and more reflect on Thursday's honor.

The Mindy Project creator and star Mindy Kaling and The Voice host and producer Carson Daly unveiled the nominations for the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Thursday morning at the TV Academy's North Hollywood headquarters.

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The Hollywood Reporter has compiled some of the nominees' reactions below.

Beau Willimon, executive producer, creator and showrunner of drama series nominee House of Cards: "The entire cast, crew and production team is thrilled by our nominations. We all found out while lighting our first setup of the day here in Maryland, and the news made the set even brighter. It's an honor to receive so much recognition from our peers in the TV Academy. I'm particularly happy for Kevin [Spacey] and Robin [Wright] — the two stars which bring such radiance to our show — and equally excited by all of the nominations for Netflix. They've changed the TV landscape and we're proud to be on their team."

Ryan Murphy, writing for a miniseries/movie nominee for American Horror Story: Coven; directing for a miniseries/movie nominee for The Normal Heart: "I have an 18-month-old baby so I was up with the baby and my better half, David," he told THR. "I was really excited for my actors and my crews, and I was really rooting for a lot of people — and in most cases, it was all good news. I was so thrilled about so many of them. All of my ladies from American Horror Story, who are just so amazing, and I was really excited about so many of the boys getting into the supporting category for The Normal Heart; four of the six, which is just an abundance of riches." He added of Coven, "That show is a very odd show in that you don't expect actors of that caliber to sign on for 'horror,' because horror has always had this reputation of being beneath so much. The actors — those women — whom we have are the best in the business, and none of us look at it as a horror show; we look at it as an emotional piece. The horror is just the icing on the cake."

Kerry Washington, lead actress in a drama nominee for Scandal: Washington was decidedly low-key after collecting her second lead actress nomination for playing political fixer Olivia Pope. She was sleeping when the nominations were revealed but noticed all the activity on her cell phone — which she typically turns off every night. "I don't expect these things in life but when they happen, it's such a blessing. But the real blessing is that I get to do what I love to do with people I love to do it with," she said. The third-year drama nabbed three noms — including for guest stars Kate Burton and Joe Morton — recognition that Washington said was "so deserved." "That word is always funny to me; if everybody who deserved an Emmy nomination got one, then our whole Scandal family would be flooded with them," she said, singling out all of the show's departments. As for season four of the Shonda Rhimes-Betsy Beers drama, Washington remains in the dark. "I know there's a script but we haven't seen it, so I have no idea if that plane is going to Paris or Turks and Caicos or Pakistan!" she said. Also noting Bellamy Young's Critics' Choice win, "We don't go back until next week and I was excited already, but now there's so much to celebrate."

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Laverne Cox, guest actress in a comedy nominee for Orange Is the New Black: "I'm on cloud nine, I'm through the roof," exclaimed Time magazine cover star Cox (who plays Sophia Burset on the Netflix original), the Emmys' first-ever transgender acting nominee, to THR, still making sense of the series' 12 nominations to lead the comedy category. "We're definitely part of a moment," she said of the cultural impact her ground-breaking series and its nontraditional cast of characters has had. She'll head over to Orange's New York set later today to congratulate her fellow actresses in person before closing out the celebratory day at a Justin Timberlake concert. In the hour or so following the announcement, she's managed to connect via text, email or phone with several of her fellow nominees, including Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes), along with Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos and her mother, brother and team. "What a wonderful, wonderful day for Orange and for black trans women," she added of the achievement, noting of the attention the series, which launched its second season in June, has received: "People are obsessed. Would you ever have thought a show about a women's prison would have this moment? It's unbelievable."

Billy Bob Thornton, lead actor in a miniseries/movie nominee for Fargo: "I am really thrilled and humbled by all this. Fargo was really well put-together — FX is so classy and [studio partner] MGM is such a great organization. Noah [Hawley] wrote such a tight 10 episodes," he told THR. "I wasn't surprised by its reception as much as pleased to be part of it. Every now and then, something great comes along. And these days, there's no real separation for actors between TV and film. All one thing and a really terrific world to be in." He added, "To me, awards season is like the holidays when our entertainment business family gets together, but I'm not sure I'll do much celebrating today, as I'm kind of a hermit. I think the next time I go out will be to attend the Emmys, but we'll see!"

Jim Parsons, lead actor in a comedy nominee for The Big Bang Theory; supporting actor in a miniseries/movie nominee for The Normal Heart: "I am, of course, beyond flattered about the nominations this morning — it is both gratifying and actually touching to feel that your work was considered worthy of mention by your peers. That said, I am especially moved to be a part of two projects that were both singled out in their respective categories. … It is hard to believe my good fortune in having been a part of two such projects in the same year. I am especially excited for the new viewers that I hope these nominations will attract for The Normal Heart, which was truly a passion project for so many of us involved."

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Kate Mulgrew, supporting actress in a comedy nominee for Orange Is The New Black: "I'm not sure I anticipated my own nomination, but I was thrilled to hear about Taylor [Schilling] — it was so completely deserved — and Uzo [Aduba] and Natasha [Lyonne] and Laverne [Cox]," said the Orange star of her fellow castmembers. "And of course, the great and singular Jenji Kohan, without whom none of this would be possible. There are so few authentically original and brilliant writers in the field today, and I get to be one of the characters springing from her pen, and that is a remarkable feeling at this stage in the game." After burning her hand the night before and taking an Advil PM, Mulgrew awoke to the news when her boyfriend yelled, "You've been nominated for an Emmy! And perhaps you'd like to get your ass out of bed."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, supporting actor in a comedy series for Modern Family: Ferguson was noticeably chipper after receiving his fifth straight nomination — something he admits he's still not used to. "You never know if you're still going to be recognized, and I'm thrilled our show is still doing as well as it is doing, that we did rack up as many nominations as we did," he told THR as he was on his way to the gym. "But we're always kind of waiting [for the shoe to drop]: 'Oh, this is the year that it's all going to taper off.' To be recognized as much as we have been, we're all just really humbled by it." Though Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill and Eric Stonestreet failed to snag nominations, he hopes the younger actors like Sarah Hyland will break through. As for Ferguson's celebration plans? Celebrating at Vergara's birthday dinner later in the evening.

Allison Janney, supporting actress in a comedy nominee for Mom; guest actress in a drama nominee for Masters of Sex: "I'm really over the moon to be involved with two completely different shows and to love them both so much," said Janney, who was on her way to the gym when she heard the news. "Being recognized for both is just a really wonderful feeling." Janney said she's been struggling since her West Wing days to find something on television that would work for her again, but she thinks she got lucky this year with Mom and drama Masters of Sex. How'd she celebrate her noms? "I went and had a very motivated run on the treadmill this morning, thinking about all the dresses I was going to have to put on!"

Allison Tolman, supporting actress in a miniseries/movie nominee for Fargo: The first-time nominee, for her portrayal of ace detective Molly Solverson, was up early for the nominations announcement via live-stream, but had to quickly head online to see the nominees in her category. "I finally exhaled," she said of seeing her name alongside Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Ellen Burstyn and Julia Roberts. She exchanged quick calls, texts and emails with Fargo creator Noah Hawley, plus co-stars and fellow nominees Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. "It's weird when you say it out loud!" Tolman added. "To say that I'm excited would suggest that I can fully process this info, and I don't think that I can. ... This year has been so bizarre and fantastic in every sense of the word, and ending in an Emmy nomination is one more bizarre stepping stone in this year that's changed my life." Tolman remains unclear on her future with the critical darling, which will reboot with a new story and potentially brand-new cast for a likely second season (though it has yet to formally be announced). "I'd be so lucky to work with this team again," she said.

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Lizzy Caplan, lead actress in a drama nominee for Masters of Sex: "I was totally asleep and my friend called to share the news. My cell phone was off and turned upside down so it wouldn't wake me up. I've been home sick, and today was my last day to sleep in and I thought, 'Why wake up for news that could be not great?' " she told THR. "Then I woke up to good news. My first reaction was, I couldn't believe it. Then — one of best friends from N.Y. is staying with me — I ran into his room and jumped on his bed. He didn't really care and went back to sleep! Thankfully I get a day off because it seems like I'm going to be home all day and drink some champagne." She added, "The show and Michael [Sheen] not being nominated doesn't feel right, that's a real bummer. Getting to stand beside him every day … he's just amazing. And he sent me a really sweet note. [Show creator] Michelle [Ashford] also sent me a nice email yesterday too, saying, 'Who cares what happens tomorrow? Let's keep doing what we're doing.' I love that woman."

Matt Bomer, supporting actor in a miniseries/movie for The Normal Heart: "I'm on the set of White Collar as we speak, in New York, and all I can say is: This is amazing. I am incredibly grateful. I've loved this play for more than 20 years and it changed my life reading it. The frustration, anger and education of the story — it was a gift of a role. It's so rare you get to play a part that makes you a better person. Everyone put so much work into it. It was one of those sets where everyone was so exited to be there and work on this rich material," he told THR. "One of our biggest hopes before it started, our intention, was for young people to see this and learn about this brave generation who gave us our rights. It has an incredible message of unconditional love. This group of people fought to save themselves because no one else was going to do it for them." He added, "[My husband] Simon gave me the news — that was really great. And my children knew I did a job I had to lose weight for, but it never really upset them to see me like that, as long as I could still play with them. It's definitely a special day for our family."

Kevin Spacey, lead actor in a drama nominee for House of Cards: After shouting "I love you, Robin Wright!" to his co-star and fellow nominee, Spacey told THR, "I love that woman. I'm actually on set shooting season three right now, and I'm just so very pleased about our nominations. For the show, all the collaborators, everyone on our team, so many more people have been nominated this year, and that is very special. Last year, we were the new kid on the block, and now Netflix has earned 31 nominations! We will probably celebrate when we are gathered for lunch today. This is such a dream job — I'm having an even better time right now, and I can't believe that's the case, considering season two was even more fun than season one. Today is a great day indeed."

Matt LeBlanc, lead actor in a comedy nominee for Episodes: "I had to get up and say thank you to the people! I went to bed last night as I always do thinking, 'OK, there could be a call in the morning.' Then, I forgot. And my publicist called — and no one ever calls me that early — and I thought, 'Why is the phone ringing?" Completely forgot about it. I am a deep sleeper; I could sleep standing up!" he told THR. "But it's great. It seems more and more people are stopping me on the street now, and not just for Friends stuff. Episodes is really finding its audience — such a great group of actors, fantastic writing, and it sets a high bar. I actually leave in 10 days to start filming the new season." He added, "I think this is my sixth nomination? It's very validating, a great feeling. Will I hear from my Friends friends? Yeah, I'll probably get a call or two today. It's tough because we're so spread out all over the world right now! But mostly for the rest of the afternoon, I'll probably go through the scripts for the new season of Episodes; look at them with 'nominated' eyes."

Taylor Schilling, lead actress in a comedy nominee for Orange Is the New Black: "I didn't know what to do this morning! I am at work and I had my phone in airplane mode, and I got a lot of texts but I didn't read them. I was too nervous," the leading Litchfield lady told THR. "I'm not sure what we're going to do to celebrate at work today, but we'll figure something out. We're just all maniacs around here. But this is so amazing for the show." She added, "The comedy versus drama thing … it really doesn't matter. It's just great exposure for us. I'm so happy for [creator] Jenji [Kohan] and all the actors. It's so wonderful."

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Andre Braugher, best supporting actor in a comedy series for Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "I'm on daddy duty in the ‘burbs, so it's been a lot of chauffeuring around so far today. This is really great. I better strap on my comedy sneakers for this race!" he told THR. "I'm very surprised, to say the least. It's a freshman show; it takes time to garner this kind of attention. Obviously it's touched a chord with viewers, and I'm confident the show will survive and you'll see our writers and more of the actors on the Emmy stage [in the future]. When I watch these guys work, even when spirits are flagging, Mike [Schur] and Dan [Goor] really know how to run the writers room, and they have such an ally in Andy [Samberg]. We rest on no laurels." He added, "And I would never consider Andy or the show not being nominated 'snubs.' We're still building steam. I leave tonight for L.A., so trying to enjoy some time with my family before then, maybe celebrate at dinner with apple juice tonight."

Sarah Paulson, lead actress in a miniseries/movie nominee for American Horror Story: Coven: The actress received her third nomination after going toe-to-toe with friend and co-star Jessica Lange in the third season of the Ryan Murphy-Brad Falchuk anthology series. Only this year, Paulson was nominated in the lead actress category, where she again will compete with Lange. "We were up against each other for Game Change and the first season of American Horror Story, for which she won. I've been nominated against her before and fully expect to lose to her again — and I'm just fine with that," she said with a laugh. "If there's anybody you want to lose to, it's Jessica Lange. She's the real deal. It's an embarrassment of riches." As for the show's appeal — Coven received 17 total nominations, including for co-stars Frances Conroy and Kathy Bates — Paulson credits its "community" feel. "Everybody is experiencing it for the first time, and as an audience member, you feel as much a part of [it as we do] doing it. The actors are all in on the secret and can't wait to see what it's going to be." Paulson, who is at work on AHS: Freak Show, said there will "certainly be some drinking" on the show's New Orleans set today to celebrate.

Colin Hanks, supporting actor in a miniseries/movie for Fargo: "For me personally, this is a bit of a shock. Gus isn't a showy character. He's a reserved guy with a burden on his shoulders, which is a role I'm always salivating to do. This was my chance to do that. And for it to resonate and pop for people — I'm kind of blown away," he told THR. "One of things I'm most happy about is the number of nominations we got: We're second to Game of Thrones? That's incredible. I'm so proud of this series and am so happy to see everyone get recognized. It's definitely a long morning of emails and texts. I was able to call Allison [Tolman] as soon as I got off the phone. I knew she was up because she's back in Chicago, and I told her how proud I am of her, and [creator] Noah [Hawley]. Since then, it's been a hectic morning playing princesses with my daughters — they don't care about the noms!" he laughed, adding, "This kind of attention definitely makes those five months spent away from home, in minus 35-degree weather in Calgary, totally worth it."

Joanne Froggatt, supporting actress in a drama nominee for Downton Abbey: "I'm so excited!" Froggatt exclaimed, having first heard the news from her husband. "You did it! You got a nomination," he told her before breaking into tears. "I'm just really grateful to have had this experience again," said the English star, who was nominated for the same role in 2012. "It's so amazing that we managed to get 12 nominations because, obviously, this is season four, and as the show carries on, you never know if the excitement is still going to be there for it," she said of Downton's tenure, adding: "It's just incredible to get 12 nominations in such a tough year."

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Uzo Aduba, guest actress in a comedy nominee for Orange Is The New Black: "I just can't even believe it. I'm speechless," said the Orange star, who was stuck in traffic when she got the call. "But it was the best way to be stuck in traffic. I could be stuck in traffic all day if this is what happens with being stuck in traffic!" she joked. Aduba said she's humbled by the 12 nominations the series earned: "We worked on this show and spent time together really just trying to tell a great story and invest in each other's performances. It just feels good to know that people love the show as much as we love making it."

Joe Morton, guest actor in a drama nominee for Scandal: "I was working out this morning while watching CNN when they announced that the Emmy nomination announcements were over. Since my phone hadn't rung, I assumed I hadn't been nominated," he told THR. "No sooner did I think that, my phone rang and it was my publicist calling with the good news. ... So I was brought up after the letdown. The cliche is real: It's a great feeling to be nominated by your peers. Of course, I'm very happy for my Scandal mates, Kerry and Kate, and also for my good friend [and fellow category nominee] Reg E. Cathey."

Christine Baranski, supporting actress in a drama series, The Good Wife: "I'm at my home in Connecticut and took a swim this morning — I stayed away from the phone!" she laughed. "it's a great honor, but a little sad to not see [Good Wife creators] the Kings not get recognized. My feeling is that Josh [Charles], Julianna [Margulies] and I are recognized because of them. I'm given such great material — phenomenal material, really. If they pass you the ball, you run with it." She continued, "If ever there was a year, I really thought it was this year. ... The surprise of Will Gardner's death was a gut-punch. It's an extra tribute to the show that people can get so involved, even in its fifth year. It represents the best of what we can do as writers and performers. The acting is understated and subtle, which is our greatest strength, but people may not get how hard making 22 episodes a year truly is. But, as my agent says, 'This is a time to be happy!' And with everything going on in the world, getting dressed up and having your photo taken is better than a sharp stick in the eye!"

Minnie Driver, lead actress in a miniseries/movie nominee for Return to Zero: "There has been a lot of crying and jumping up and down around here today! Having worked on something so meaningful makes all of this so much better. I can't tell you the amount of families [who also lost newborn babies] who have gotten in touch with me about the film. They say, 'You don't know how much of a triumph this is for us.' For everyone involved — we are all over the moon."

Benedict Cumberbatch, lead actor in a miniseries/movie nominee for Sherlock: His Last Vow: "That's amazing news to start the day with here in Boston! An early birthday present. I'm honored to be in such great company, not least Martin [Freeman]. Thrilled for all who make Sherlock, and especially those who have been nominated in so many categories."

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Ricky Gervais, lead actor in a comedy nominee for Derek: "I am over the moon. I cannot wait to fly to L.A. to see Louis C.K. win. Genuinely though, I am absolutely thrilled."

Michelle Dockery, lead actress in a drama nominee for Downton Abbey: "I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated again. I am on set today filming series five, so Lady Mary has a big grin on her face for a change!"

Maggie Smith, supporting actress in a drama nominee for Downton Abbey: "I am so glad you love Violet so much. ... These nominations keep her from kicking the bucket."

Helena Bonham Carter, lead actress in a miniseries/movie nominee for Burton and Taylor: "I'm so honored to receive an Emmy nomination. Playing Elizabeth Taylor was one of the scariest things I've done, but it was also the most exhilarating. Sometimes, acting is like inviting a new lodger in and she was definitely the most fun to have around. I miss her. And the diamonds."

Jon Voight, supporting actor in a drama nominee for Ray Donovan: "It's a very prestigious nomination and I'm very grateful for it. Last night, I watched the first episode of the new season and I'm reminded of the good work from everyone — the writing, the cast. I'm so happy the show will be represented at the Emmys this year. All those people who have been waiting for the new season will see it on Sunday at 9 p.m., and I think they will have a great ride this year. I'm proud to be a part of this group."

Billy Crystal, writing for a variety special nominee for 700 Sundays: "So happy with these nominations. This breaks my, 'I can't believe what happened to Brazil' funk."

Mayim Bialik, supporting actress in a comedy nominee for The Big Bang Theory: "How incredibly humbling to be nominated not only a third time but among a group of such exceptionally talented and critically acclaimed actresses. This is truly proof that among women like this, the third time will NOT be the charm for me!!!"

William H. Macy, lead actor in a comedy nominee for Shameless: "I am thrilled and a bit shocked to be nominated. And when I look at the other nominations, I'm humbled. But I've always felt that liver failure brought on by acute alcoholism could be really, really funny."

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Jim Carter, supporting actor in a drama nominee for Downton Abbey: "I am very proud of the nominations across the board, especially our craft nominations. This shows the incredible hard work behind the scenes that goes in to making the show. And for myself, it's great news we have equal nominations between above and below stairs, I am so delighted."

Seth MacFarlane, executive producer of documentary/nonfiction series nominee Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey; character voiceover performance nominee for Family Guy: "Absolutely thrilled about the 12 Emmynoms for Cosmos. Congratulations to Ann Druyan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and the entire team for all their magnificent work. For once, the Parents' Television Council sent me a gift basket WITHOUT a cobra at the bottom."

Fred Armisen, supporting actor in a comedy nominee for Portlandia; writing for a variety series nominee for Portlandia: "Oh gosh, this is really exciting. Such a nice thing. I'm such a fan of TV. I just really love everything about it right now, and love that the Emmys are continuing to celebrate it too. Steve [Buscemi's] nomination for the show too — it's all so great for what we're doing. We are still a very small show, so for people to be embracing us in this way is really wonderful. I'm actually in Portland now, looking out my window at the Pearl District, and I'm just about to go meet everyone for brunch at a place called Tasty-N-Sons. This is just so cool!"

Julian Fellowes, creator/executive producer of drama nominee Downton Abbey: "It's extraordinary," Fellowes said of Downton's honors. "it's incredible to get twelve nominations anyway, but to get them in the fourth year, that really seems like a minor miracle." He also praised his acknowledged actors, calling them the "soul" of the show. "To be honest, I thought we probably had our crack at it already," he said of the series' past three years that resulted in ten wins. "I couldn't be more delighted to find that I'm wrong. I suppose I should raise a glass."

Noah Hawley, executive producer, creator and showrunner of miniseries nominee Fargo: "It sort of feels like everything about this has been impossible. We got 18 nominations. Who even knew there were that many available? I'm getting in touch with all of the actors, but I couldn't reach Allison Tolman; I called her and I told her on the machine. I said she picked up the phone when I called to tell her she got the part, but now that she's an Emmy-nominated actress, I'm going to have to get used to talking to her machine."

Bertram van Munster, co-creator/executive producer of reality competition nominee The Amazing Race: Even as the long-running The Amazing Race is an awards mainstay (it has won the top reality competition prize nine times, most recently in 2012), the 74-year-old van Munster admitted that being recognized is "never old hat." Amazing Race is nominated in six categories this year. "It tells me that what we're doing is contemporary. We have a real good chance again this year. I'm very enthusiastic!" he declared.

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Sue Vertue, executive producer of TV movie nominee Sherlock: His Last Vow: "Getting to work on Sherlock, with all these extraordinary people, has always felt like winning an award in itself, so to receive all these nominations is an amazing bonus. The whole team is beyond thrilled, and we're counting the days to the big night."

Rebecca Eaton, executive producer of drama series nominee Downton Abbey and miniseries/movie nominee Sherlock: His Last Vow: "Downton Abbey and Sherlock are completely different and equally brilliant shows. Masterpiece on PBS is delighted to share in the success of our British partners. Hooray!"

Gareth Neame, executive producer of drama nominee Downton Abbey: "We are thrilled that once again the members of the Academy have shown their enthusiasm for Downton with a whopping 12 nominations. It is the members of the TV Academy that helped turn Downton into a global hit and we'll never forget that!"

Chris Lloyd, executive producer, co-creator and co-showrunner of comedy nominee Modern Family: "You do a bit of holding your breath because we've been so lucky in the past. It's a weird position to find yourself," he told THR, "hoping something bad doesn't happen and not hoping for something good. Now that we know the results, it's excellent. I'm thrilled for the actors who got nominated, though I'm a little disappointed for our actors that weren't. The toughest thing now is to get into the category and not be a cable show, so we're very proud."

Ann Druyan, writing for nonfiction programming nominee for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey; executive producer of documentary/nonfiction series nominee Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: "I'm thrilled. It's another affirmation of the great Carl Sagan and the legacy he left behind. Carrying that torch is an honor. For me, the turning point was really when Seth MacFarlane got involved. Once he was involved, we had the biggest possible platform to do show exactly as I wanted to." She continued to THR, "The 12 nominations are wonderful. ... We attracted some exception people. They wanted to be involved in something that was meaningful and could make a difference." Among them, she cited exec producer Brannon Braga, cinematographer Bill Pope and composer Alan Silvestri.

Shane Smith, host of informational series nominee Vice: "When we started pitching this show, everyone told us the two 'givens': one, that young people don't care about news anymore, and two, they sure as hell don't care about international news. Well HBO had the balls to pick us up and prove those 'givens' 100 percent wrong. We would like to thank them and the continued support of the Academy, and we promise to try and keep on smashing those 'givens' all to hell."

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Chiwetel Ejiofor, lead actor in a miniseries/movie nominee for Dancing on the Edge: "I am delighted to be recognized by the Emmys for a role in a project that I am incredibly proud of. Working with Stephen Poliakoff and this amazing ensemble cast and getting to play such an extraordinary character was a tremendous experience."

Edie Falco, lead actress in a comedy nominee for Nurse Jackie: "What an exciting way to start the summer! Beyond my wildest dreams — the response we've had to our dysfunctional ER and its inhabitants. So thrilled to be recognized by this industry."

Idris Elba, lead actor in a miniseries/movie nominee for Luther: "Wow, I'm truly shocked and humbled by this recognition. Thank you so much to the TV Academy for this honor."

Cat Deeley, reality or reality-competition program host nominee for So You Think You Can Dance: Deeley received her fourth straight Emmy nomination as emcee of Fox's summer dance competition, and she was careful not to get her hopes high. "It's one of those things where I've been nominated before, and you have this internal chat with yourself: 'Try not to be too disappointed if it doesn't happen. It can't be every year,' " Deeley said, admitting that when the 5:45 a.m. call came in, she thought it was about a construction issue on her house. So You Think You Can Dance has seen many changes over the years, and Deeley was candid about its small but passionate audience. "Our show really divides people; you either love the show and you always have it on your DVR and you don't miss an episode or you don't even know we exist," she said. "We've never done the numbers American Idol has done, but we have this core audience that really loves it. It's due to them really that we're still going."

Jeff Lewis, executive producer of unstructured reality program nominee Flipping Out: "I'm fairly certain that someone has made a huge mistake and I hear that Patti Stanger has called for a recount in Florida."

Steve Buscemi, guest actor in a comedy nominee for Portlandia; short-format nonfiction program nominee for Park Bench: "There are so many great actors doing really inspiring work on television right now and it's an honor to be recognized among them. I'm also thrilled and appreciative of the support that Park Bench has received."

Seth Green, character voiceover performance nominee for Robot Chicken: "I love being a part of this peer group — just to be collected with this group of people is humbling, and to be nominated for a show that I am so proud of is the icing on the cake."

Robert Herjavec, star of best structured reality program nominee Shark Tank: "Three times a charm; here's to 2014 being 'The Year of the Shark.' It's great to be part of an amazing show like Shark Tank that educates and entertains. The great popularity can be attributed to my fellow Sharks, the incredible team at Sony/ABC and Mark Burnett and Clay Newbill. ... Am in good company!"

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David Evans, drama direction nominee for Downtown Abbey: "I am absolutely thrilled! It's a real sign of what British drama can do with a small hub of incredibly talented individuals. The perpetual success of Downton Abbey is down to Gareth Neame and Liz Trubridge, and the fact that we have been nominated year on year is recognition of their care and attention of this show."

John Lunn, music composition for a series nominee for Downton Abbey: "I'm am really, really honoured. To be nominated again is such an incredible achievement for such a wonderful show."

Caroline McCall, costume design for a series nominee for Downton Abbey: "I'm absolutely thrilled. It's an honour to be nominated amongst such high calibre shows and outstanding work. This really is a credit to my team."

Donal Woods, period series art direction nominee for Downton Abbey: "It is a great honour to be nominated again amongst so many of my peers."

Dan Cutforth, executive producer of reality-competition program nominee Top Chef: "For Bravo's Top Chef to be nominated for the eighth consecutive year is a tremendous honor and a tribute to the passion, creativity and energy of everyone on the team both in front of the camera and behind. It's a proud day for all of us."

James Lipton, executive producer of informational series/special nominee Inside the Actors Studio: "Today marks the 17th Emmy nomination for Bravo’s Inside The Actors Studio, which is a remarkable achievement, considering that we are first, last and always a master class in the Actors Studio Drama School of Pace University. Last year, we were honored with the Emmy Award for outstanding informational series or special, and I can attest that there is no greater feeling. Congratulations to all the nominees, especially my fellow Bravo nominees!"

Ryan Serhant, personality of unstructured reality program nominee Million Dollar Listing New York: "This is incredible! I would have never thought this would happen in 1,000 years! Congratulations to Bravo, World of Wonder, our crew, Fredrik and Luis!"

Fredrik Eklund, personality of unstructured reality program nominee Million Dollar Listing New York: "I could not be happier to hear about the Emmy nomination. It is such an honor to be part of the amazing talent that has been nominated this year. I am especially thrilled that the nominated episode includes my wedding to Derek which was the most beautiful moment of my life."

Stephen St. John, cinematography for a miniseries/movie nominee for Killing Kennedy: "It was a great shoot, and this is the perfect acknowledgement of our team's creative contribution. I am humbled and deeply honored."

Kelley Dixon, single-camera picture editing for a drama nominee for Breaking Bad: "I'm still in shock! Never saw this scenario coming," she told THR. "So glad to be sharing an editing nomination with Chris McCaleb as well. I have been mentored by some amazing editors and I'm proud to be paying that forward. So glad to be part of the Breaking Bad team!"

Josh Earl, picture editing for nonfiction programming nominee for Deadliest Catch: "As an editor, I get to tell stories for a living, which in itself is a dream come true. To be honored by the Academy for a sixth time is beyond humbling. Also, holy shit, this is awesome! Completely stoked out of my mind and just happy!"

The 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards are set to be handed out Aug. 25 during a live NBC telecast hosted by Seth Meyers.

Stacey Wilson, Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg, Michael O'Connell, Philiana Ng, Carolyn Giardina, Bryn Sandberg and Ashley Lee contributed to this article.