Emmy Nominations: Jim Parsons on Going Against 'Big Bang Theory' Co-Star Johnny Galecki


“A party is always more fun with more people there,” Parsons tells THR. Galecki adds, "If he wins and I don’t or I win and he doesn’t, there’ll be a cage match."

For Jim Parsons, his third Emmy nomination for CBS’ The Big Bang Theory was “more thrilling than I thought it would be” since the series – and his co-star Johnny Galecki – both picked up their first mentions Thursday.

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“I always wanted the show to be nominated and I’m so glad Johnny got one,” Parsons said from New York, where he learned of the honors via the Today show. “It’s wonderful to have the whole family feeling; it feels happier this year, to be totally honest, because there’s more people. A party is always more fun with more people there.”

Galecki said of Parsons, "I predicted during the pilot that he was gonna win an Emmy. In the script, I didn’t get it, but when I heard him say the lines, I got it. Originally they approached me for that role, but it wasn’t right for me, I just didn’t relate to it. I liked the role of Leonard, I liked what I knew would be a long term struggle of the heart with Penny.

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"Nobody can play that character like Jim, and I think he would say he couldn’t play my part like me. If he wins and I don’t or I win and he doesn’t, there’ll be a cage match. I’m doing my crunches now."

Parsons, last year’s lead actor in a comedy Emmy winner, had only swapped text messages with the cast and creators/executive producers Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. "I’ve gotten a couple of replies; they’re very simple and sweet and to the point – with lots of wows."

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Galecki was more difficult to reach than his co-star on Emmy morning, as his phone was out of power, "I really lucked out. I’m not proud of this, but I was with my girlfriend with an uncharged cellphone, and it took them a couple hours to find me and tell me. They were a little frantic. I gotta call my mother and have a mimosa and a nap, not necessarily in that order. "

As for plans to celebrate, Parsons didn’t have any specific plans other than to put off until Friday anything that could potentially ruin his celebratory mood. “It’s a day of celebration,” he said.

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Asked if he’s thought about attending September’s Emmy ceremony, Parsons immediately jumped to what caused him the most stress. “The only thing that crossed my mind is that I have to find a tux,” he laughed. “I immediately went to the one anxiety point that I could as a person who doesn’t like
clothes shopping.”

Now four seasons old, The Big Bang Theory has built a solid fanbase and consistant ratings. Galecki credits the show's success with it's slow build-up, "I think it does help that the show had a slow growth. When Big Bang debuted, we were on every billboard in the country. OK, it was a middling success, but it wasn’t until the next year in reruns during the writer’s strike when they’d taken down the billboards that the show took off. People feel like they’ve discovered it on their own instead of being force-fed. It’s a sense of ownership the audience has with a show.”

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