Emmy Reactions: What the Nominees Are Saying

Veep Season 2 Episode 1 Julia Louis-Dreyfus at Podium - H 2013
Lacey Terrell/HBO

Veep Season 2 Episode 1 Julia Louis-Dreyfus at Podium - H 2013

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elisabeth Moss, David Oyelowo and more reflect on Thursday morning's announcement.

The Television Academy announced nominees for the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards on Thursday morning, with Orange Is the New Black star and Emmy winner Uzo Aduba and So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley on hand to announce the contenders in the biggest categories. Here's what the nominees what to say:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, lead actress in a comedy nominee for Veep

“As President, my staff and I are too busy doing the people's business to watch television. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be a part of this celebration of creativity. (Go Jon Hamm!)”

Elisabeth Moss, lead actress in a drama nominee for Mad Men
“This is truly the most amazing surprise! I am so lucky to have been a part of Mad Men and to have played such a wonderful character like Peggy. Being recognized like this when there are so many other ridiculously talented women on TV right now is incredibly humbling. I am ecstatic for the rest of my Mad Men family who also got recognized and can't wait to celebrate with them in September!”

Viola Davis, lead actress in a drama nominee for How to Get Away with Murder
Davis was relaxing in her jacuzzi when her assistant called her to share the good news. “It would be great to bust through and make history,” she told THR of the potential to be the first African American woman to win in the lead actress in a drama category. “But what’s more important is the opportunity to continue to get roles that are complicated and wonderful, to be a part of the narrative and to get to do what our counterparts are able to do. It doesn’t just stop at holding an award.” To celebrate her nomination, the Academy Award nominee plans to have a little prosecco this evening.

David Oyelowo, lead actor in a limited series or TV movie nominee for Nightingale
“This is incredibly gratifying, not just for me but the filmmakers as well,” said Oyelowo by phone from the San Fernando Valley on Thursday morning.  “We rolled our sleeves up for this movie with no inkling of HBO’s interest. We just wanted to do good work and work hard.” On what he’ll most remember about making Nightingale, in which he portrayed a man alone in his home coping with PTSD, he reflected on the taxing experience he enjoyed as an actor. “The decision to go method on this film was probably the most memorable for me; going beyond my own ability gave me a lot of confidence.” 

Maggie Gyllenhaal, lead actress in a limited series for The Honourable Woman
The actress was in the middle of a stoop sale with her two children when she got the call from her manager. "I'm hoping that my best girl friend will come out with me tonight. My husband [Peter Sarsgaard] is in Baton Rouge working so I think we probably will get a chance to sneak away and have a glass of champagne or some tequila and celebrate," said Gyllenhaal by phone from Brooklyn, New York. After winning a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild nomination for her role, she said she was looking forward to celebrating with The Honourable Woman's creative team at the Emmys. "I was alone at the Golden Globes. I mean I was with my brother, but none of the other people from my show were there. I just remember like at the SAG Awards, the Orange Is the New Black ladies … were all there together and I just really missed my people," said Gyllenhaal. "We'll get to party together which I think will be fun."

Timothy Hutton, lead actor in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Crime
Hutton was far and away from the bright lights of Hollywood when he got the good news about his nomination for American Crime. "I was up in a tree cutting down some dead branches. My phone was up on the porch and I heard it ringing and beeping,” said the actor, who resides in upstate New York. “It was a nice way to find out.” Hutton, who revealed he will be playing a high school basketball coach on the new season of the anthology, was excited about the news, but said his plans for the day would remain unchanged. "I am going to go fishing up on the lake with my son and his friend and we were planning on doing that,” said Hutton. “It’s one of those things where if we don’t catch anything, it’s completely OK with me."

Felicity Huffman, lead actress nominee in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Crime
Huffman was up in the mountains of Colorado with spotty cell reception when nominations were announced. But she found a tree where she normally gets some bars when she noticed John Ridley calling on her screen. “It’s better than we could have hoped,” he told her. Huffman said she's incredibly proud of her team: "I think John really pushed the envelope in terms of bringing artistry to network television." She also praised ABC for having the "ovaries" to say yes to the project. As for celebrating her nomination, she's in the process of moving, so transporting boxes remains the priority.

Jeffrey Tambor, lead actor in a comedy series nominee for Transparent
Tambor was catching up on some other big news in pop culture when he got word of his nomination. "The first image that I saw was a rebroadcast of Caitlyn [Jenner] last night at the ESPYs and I went, ‘Wow, what a zeitgeist moment this is!' And then my phone started lighting up,” said the actor, who was on his way to the Transparent set for a table read. He acknowledged that the comedy's 11 nominations weren’t just a coup for the transgender community, but also for Amazon. “We are indeed the little engine that could and Amazon has thrown down here,” he said. "I’m just so happy that people will be saying, ‘Oh, I want to see this show. I heard about this show.’ I think that’s important."

Anthony Anderson, lead actor in a comedy series nominee for Black-ish
Anderson was at Heathrow Airport in London when he got word of his nomination. “As I was exciting my plane, the phone just about exploded in my hand with 97 text messages and 104 voice messages,” he told THR. He’s in route to South Africa to host the MTV Africa Music Awards and then enjoy some R&R in Cape Town afterwards, so the news gives him an extra reason to celebrate on his vacation. “I think I’m going to make the music awards all about me this weekend, “ he joked, adding: “I hope my brothers and sisters in South Africa can understand that.”

Jill Soloway, creator of drama series nominee Transparent
“We were all on the set and we took a minute to stop shooting and watch the TV. We were, of course, jumping up and down for Jeffrey’s nomination and the show’s nominations and then we were frantically trying to download the [full] list to see if anybody else got a nomination,” said Soloway. "We got the number first. Somebody said, '11 nominations!' " Thankfully, her agent was happy to help out. "My agent was reading them over the phone and he would name somebody and we would all scream for each person,” said the showrunner, who predicted “craziness” at the show’s table read Thursday.

Mike Schur, showrunner of comedy series nominee Parks and Recreation
Schur was truly stunned to learn that the gone but not forgotten NBC comedy scored a best comedy series nomination for its final season. The exec producer, in New York working with Parks alum Alan Yang on Netflix's untitled Aziz Ansari comedy series, had his cell phone start blowing up with texts — but he figured that the attention was because star Amy Poehler had earned a nomination. "People started texting me saying, 'Yay!' and I assumed it was for Amy," he said. "I was happy for Amy and ignored it and at some point, the volume [of texts] increased and I thought it was strange — and then I saw the show was nominated, which is insane and unexpected." "It hadn't crossed my mind," he said of the series nomination for the show's final season. "The show was nominated in season three and wasn't in season four and the way these things go, you think, 'That was our moment." Shows don't crop up and disappear and crop up again. It wasn't on my radar at all and my reaction was confusion and shock. Then everyone [from the cast] started emailing. There was a lot of happy cursing."

Lisa Kudrow, lead actress in a comedy series nominee for The Comeback
The Emmy winner insists she wasn’t expecting the string of congratulatory texts that came in this morning. (Though this marks Kudrow's 10th Emmy nomination, it’s her first for playing The Comeback’s Valerie Cherish.) The first elated text came from producing partner Dan Bucatinsky; the second from former Friends co-star and fellow nominee (for Episodes) Matt LeBlanc. Her response to LeBlanc’s “Yay!”: “Are we going to the Emmys this year?” His response, “Yeah, we are.” Fans of Kudrow's HBO critical darling, which was revived after nine years late last year, can only hope this means a renewal will follow. “We’re talking, and we’ll see if we come up with anything,” she says, before adding: “You can’t be greedy and ask for more, because this is plenty!”

Tony Hale, supporting actor in a comedy series nominee for Veep
“Are you kidding? It never ever gets old. It’s like I leave my body!” said the Veep star of earning his third Emmy nomination for the HBO comedy. He got the call from his manager, which set off string of cheers at the Hale household. The celebration was cut short, however, when his young daughter came in with a reality check: “My wife and I were screaming, and then my daughter came in and goes, ‘Daddy you have to take me to camp,’” he says, adding with a laugh: “She knows her priorities!”

Kate McKinnon, supporting actress in a comedy series nominee for Saturday Night Live
An audibly exhausted McKinnon took a break from resting after a long night filming Ghostbusters in Boston to tell THR she was “totally shocked” and “cried” upon hearing the news of her nomination. “I am so lucky to work with the funniest people in the world, so to get this feels just surreal,” she said. “It really doesn’t feel real! But I’m not going to argue with the Academy about this."

Mathew Weiner, creator and executive producer of drama series nominee Mad Men
“Such an amazing morning for our Mad Men family. We’re all very honored and deeply appreciative of this recognition from our peers. This represents the talent and efforts of everyone on the show, most of whom have been with Mad Men from the very beginning. It has been a really incredible experience that we all did together.”

Ricky Gervais, lead actor in a limited series or TV movie nominee for Derek
Gervais heard the news of his Emmy nom on the cusp of wrapping his new Netflix comedy feature Special Correspondents in England. “There isn’t a better way for us to go outs with Derek than with an Emmy nom,” said Gervais of the film’s recognition. “I can hardly call what I do a job though. It’s pretty embarrassing. I think of funny stuff and I say it out loud.” As for plans to celebrate his nomination, Gervais said: “The only thing stopping me right now from getting drunk is talking to you."

Armando Iannucci, creator of drama series nominee Veep
It was evening in the U.K. when the nominations came rolling in. Iannucci had just finished his work for the day and was getting ready for “children’s tea” when he got his first congratulatory email. “I’m so pleased,” he told THR, adding in true form: “We really have as many nominations as there are candidates for republican presidents.” It will be the HBO comedy’s last hooray with Iannucci, who left the series he created this spring. But he wouldn’t miss the ceremony for anything. “This is bigger than Pluto,” he joked of the Emmys. “It’s absolutely the center of the universe.”

Don Cheadle, lead actor in a comedy series nominee for House of Lies
"7 nominees? Clearly men in comedy is SO much more weighty and important than any other sex or category. You’re welcome, America."

Tituss Burgess, supporting actor in a comedy series nominee for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
“At 11:40 a.m., I went downstairs to take a shot of Tequila because I was way too nervous,” said Burgess, who was back to pacing around his apartment when his publicist and manager called to tell him he’d been nominated for his supporting role on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The Broadway vet and first-time Emmy nominee, who begins shooting the Netflix series’ second season in a few short weeks, is still sorting out plans to celebrate on his rare day off. He jokes, “Maybe now I’ll go back down and have a proper drink.”

Alex Gansa, executive producer of drama series nominee Homeland
After a widely-acknowledged exodus from the best drama race in 2014, Homeland's co-creator and showrunner was surprised to get the good news of its return (and three other nominations) on Thursday. "It was truly unexpected and very gratifying at the same time," he said. It's hard to make a comeback, especially in Hollywood. Now I can really be honest, and reveal just how devastated I was last season when we didn't get a nomination." Gansa wasn't even watching the announcement when it came through: "I was on a phone meeting with Michael Offer, who's directing the fourth episode [of the fifth season] and I hear my wife scream 'Alex!' from upstairs. I could tell from the tone in her voice that it was good news. My wife is also a producer on the show, we've given up a lot to doing Homeland over these last five years, and it was really, really nice. At the same time, I'm thinking about two shows: The Americans and The Good Wife, two shows that had incredible seasons, and my heart goes out to them because I know how they're feeling today. It's arbitrary on some level, but it's rough."

Sarah Paulson, supporting actress in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Horror Story: Freak Show
With a late call time for her next Ryan Murphy production American Crime Story, Sarah Paulson was still in bed with her earplugs in and eye mask on when news of her fourth Emmy nomination began ricocheting about the Internet. It was her publicist who ultimately reached her, though a delay had her worried. “Everybody in my professional life and my personal life knows to not call me on mornings like this with condolences. I don’t want those calls because if the phone rings, I think something good happens,” she says with a laugh. “But I was definitely aware it was happening this morning, and I was definitely wanting it,” she adds, noting that this nomination was particularly sweet given how challenging her role as Dot and Bette Tattler was to execute, not only from an acting perspective but also from that of costumes and visual effects. She adds, still elated: “I wanted it for everybody involved.”

Jane Krakowski, supporting actress in a comedy series nominee for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The former 30 Rock star was still in shock about the news hours after the announcement. "Honestly, when I got the call that I received a nomination, I thought I was being punked," she said. "My heart has not settled down. I just want to go, 'Woohoo!'" She's in a crowded category (eight actress total) but doesn't seem to mind: "I love the other women in the category and think they're all so incredible. I'm still just in shock that I even made it to the grouping."

Lena Headey, supporting actress in a drama nominee for Game of Thrones
It's been an exhausting seven days for Headey, who announced the birth of her second child on July 10 and was up all night with her newborn daughter. "I started sleeping around six a.m. Then I woke up and my phone was alight with voicemails and messages," says Headey, who admits she didn't realize it was nominations morning until the congratulations started pouring in. With a newborn at home, she will have to postpone celebrating her second nomination for playing the devious Cersei Lannister. "I have a fantasy every day that I'm going to celebrate, and then I fall asleep," says Heady. "Maybe I'll stay up an hour later."

Beau Willimon, showrunner and executive producer of drama series nominee, House of Cards
"Everyone at House of Cards is thrilled by our nominations. Kevin, Robin and Michael were all on set when we found out. That triumvirate poured themselves into season three, along with all the folks behind the camera who make this show what it is. I'm especially happy for Michael Kelly. This is his first nomination and so well deserved. It's always an honor to be recognized by our peers. It motivates us to keep making the show better. And congrats to Netflix for all its other nominations. We're proud to be part of the Netflix family."

Will Forte, lead actor in a comedy series nominee for The Last Man on Earth
It’s a huge day for Forte and his Fox series — if only he could talk about it. “I’m actually in France at my friend Justin’s wedding,” said the actor and show creator. “I’m heading to the reception now and am trying to keep this thing quiet, but my mom keeps asking me every five minutes if she can tell people! I don’t want to be that guy at the party, ‘Hey, guess what, I just got nominated for two Emmys!’” The SNL veteran did admit the recognition feels very sweet, especially after pulling off one of the strangest comedy concepts in broadcast TV history. “It’s a very very exciting and special feeling for all our people to get recognized."

Jessica Lange, lead actress in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Horror Story: Freak Show
“What great news! I am thankful to the Academy to receive this wonderful nomination and to be in such magnificent company. And to Ryan Murphy for the most extraordinary experience. Playing Elsa Mars this season was extremely special to me and I am truly honored.”

Andre Braugher, supporting actor in a comedy series nominee for Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Getting word that he’s been nominated for an Emmy is not yet old hat for Braugher, who’s been nominated nine times (and won twice). This time around, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star was at the vet with his dog when the text came in. “You’ll always catch me around this time, especially on hiatus, on dad duty,” he said, though he intends to temporarily suspend dad duty tonight to celebrate with his wife. “We’ll have a drink and toast this nomination,” he says. Come Sunday, Braugher, who has already heard from his elated showrunner Dan Goor, is back on a plane to Los Angeles to begin shooting season three.

Michael Kelly, supporting actor in a drama series nominee for House of Cards
Kelly was in the Oval Office when he heard the news — on the set of season four of House of Cards, that is. He and co-star Kevin Spacey were filming a scene together that Robin Wright was directing when the announcement began. Afterwards, showrunner Beau Willimon gave a speech to the cast and crew. “I just want to say to everyone: congratulations. The show was nominated, Kevin was nominated, Robin was nominated, and you,” he said, pointing to Kelly. The actor, who played Doug Stamper on the Netflix drama, had tears in his eyes. “It was especially neat to find out amongst the crew,” he told THR.

Chris Lloyd, co-creator of comedy nominee Modern Family
“I sound like goo-goo-eyed naive first-timer to say this, but in many ways it gets more exciting every year because it’s harder to do and there are a lot of reasons for people to go, ‘Enough already for those guys,’” said Lloyd, whose ABC comedy has won the best comedy Emmy for five years running. That much more impressive: Lloyd, who famously avoids the Emmy ceremony, holds a record himself with 10 best comedy wins, split evenly between Modern Family and Frasier. Though he’s already swapped congratulatory notes with those in the Emmy-nominated cast, the Modern gang won’t be all together to celebrate their six noms until a week from Wednesday, when everyone gathers for the first table-read of season seven.

John Ridley, showrunner of limited series or TV movie nominee American Crime
Ridley was stunned to learn that his ABC anthology American Crime not only broke through to garner nominations in the best limited series — and acting noms for stars Timothy Hutton and Felicity Huffman — but also supporting nods for Regina King and Richard Cabral. "I thought we could get a couple but I'd never imagine 10 — and not that it's the most of any broadcast show," Ridley told THR. "Richard is a guy who was in prison not more than a few years ago and has turned his life around. He personifies everything that the show is about. For the Academy and my peers to recognize what he did, that's really special." Despite its status as a critical darling, the ABC drama was a low-rated bubble series and earned a surprise second-season renewal in May. Ridley acknowledged that the haul of Emmy nominations will certainly help market its sophomore season — which will take place in a new city with a largely returning cast that includes Hutton, Huffman, King and Cabral. "One of the things about working in the broadcast space is that the bar is set high and it's different from other outlets where the cultural significance is the objective," he said. "To get these nominations says this wasn't a one-off; it has value all the way around … and says that there is a reason to sample this show." While season one explored race relations — and came during a broadcast season that will be remembered as one of the most diverse in history — next year will focus more on physicality and sexual orientation. Ridley also acknowledged the increasingly diverse Emmys — which included a nom for Black-ish star Anthony Anderson and How to Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis (both nominated for the first time). "There are so many different kinds of shows and people being represented — it makes me feel good. But when you crunch the numbers behind the scenes… progress is being made but I don't think any of us can sit back and say the job is done."

Finn Wittrock, supporting actor in a limited series of TV movie nominee for American Horror Story: Freak Show
Wittrock was too nervous to join his wife on the Academy website this morning, so while she was waiting on nominations he was in the kitchen whipping up scrambled eggs and coffee. “There was a long pause, and then there was a squeal from the living room,” he said of the moment he knew he’d clinched his first Emmy nomination for his role of Dandy Mott on FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show. His cell phone has been buzzing ever since. Once he gets through with responding to the deluge of congratulatory notes, he intends to head out to a “nice, fancy” dinner with his wife.

Jimmy Fallon, host of variety talk series nominee The Tonight Show
"So honored to be nominated for an Emmy. I love being part of the American tradition of late night comedy... that people watch the next day on their phone after a brief yogurt commercial."

Matt LeBlanc, lead actor in a comedy series nominee for Episodes
“I’m really honored to be considered again and I’m especially proud of our writers Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane for their well-deserved nomination. We are all flattered that the voters have kept Episodes in mind since we were on so early in the year. A heartfelt thank you to Showtime for all their support these past four seasons.”

Jane Lynch, host of a reality or reality-competition series nominee for Hollywood Game Night
"I couldn't be more honored with this nomination or more grateful to all the celebrities and regular folk who show up every week game to play! And almost certainly make a fool out of themselves."

Mayim Bialik, supporting actress in a comedy nominee for The Big Bang Theory
"I am literally shocked. Every year it's a humble blessing to be nominated and I don't take any of this life or the adrenaline it creates for granted. I never knew that playing dress up for a living could be this invigorating. Thank you for the honor of being nominated for the fourth year in a row."

Regina King, supporting actress in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Crime
“I just want to say that I am so proud of this show. Everybody felt that it was a singular experience and that we were a part of something special that could actually start a conversation --- so to be recognized in this way is really wonderful. These performances were so powerful across the board. It is extremely rewarding to be part of a cast that is so strong --- oh and the crew. I’m so lucky that I’m on my way now to play with half of the American Crime crew on the set of The Leftovers here in Austin. The fact that I get to go celebrate with about 30 men and women who also worked on American Crime is just priceless.”

Colin Callender, executive producer of limited series or TV movie nominee Wolf Hall
"As they were announcing the best lead actor, there was this dramatic pause after they announced David Oyelowo’s name because they fumbled David Oyelowo’s name and then they said, 'Mark Rylance,’ “ said Callender of hearing Wolf Hall’s eight nominations, including best limited series. "I thought that was the longest second or two I can remember in some time."

Gareth Neame, executive producer of drama series nominee Downton Abbey
We're in the last few weeks of shooting the final season so to have this nomination just to help us on our way through the last few weeks is really exciting and thrilling news for everyone," Neame said of the show, which is in the middle of production on it’s sixth and final season.

Julian Fellowes, creator, writer and executive producer of drama series nominee Downton Abbey
"It is incredibly cheering to receive these nominations for the fifth series. I can hardly believe it. I know all the cast and crew join me in thanking the Television Academy for their extraordinary generosity."

Richard Cabral, best supporting in a limited series or TV movie nominee for American Crime
It’s a day of double celebration for first-time nominee Cabral, who spoke to THR while out celebrating his wife’s birthday. “We had breakfast, then went on a hike, and we’re seeing Phantom of the Opera tonight!” raved the actor. “It’s been a very good day. I’m just so honored to be part of American Crime and am so excited for season two. Coming from where I come from, to be able to do this work and be a voice for the voiceless is just so powerful.”

Kevin Spacey, lead actor in a drama series nominee for House of Cards
Kevin Spacey was on the set of the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards when the nominations came in so he was able to celebrate the good news with his cast mates. "This is the first year for Michael so I’m particularly pleased for him,” said Spacey. However, his celebration with the cast had to be cut short. "I’m on a plane in about 10 minutes and I’m headed to Napa Valley to do a concert this week so I’ll suspect I’ll have some fine wines at my disposal,” he said of his celebration plans.

Liev Schreiber, lead actor in a drama series nominee for Ray Donovan
Despite the later announcements time, Schreiber was still fast asleep after shooting the season finale of Ray Donovan until 3 a.m. the night before. "It was such a tough category and so many people who deserved it and I just didn’t think I was on any list so it was a real surprise,” said the actor. Schreiber, who was on his way to production on the Showtime drama, was so tired he had to pull over in the middle of his call with THR after a passerby informed him he had left his eyeglasses on the roof of his car. “This is what working nights will do to you,” he said with a laugh. "It’s been an intense morning."

David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, creators and executive producers of comedy series nominee Episodes
“When Matt called to congratulate us this morning, we assumed it was to thank us for his nomination. It took us a few seconds to register that he was actually talking about us! It really caught us both off guard. Now that it’s begun to sink in, I’m feeling kind of nauseous and as happy as the Zoloft allows me to be. David is very happy, excited and proud – as well as slightly concerned at how disconnected I am from my feelings. I guess for me the best part of all this is that the nomination comes from our fellow writers. Because only they can appreciate what a grinding, frustrating, mostly joyless, self-loathing process comedy writing can be.”

Kelley Dixon, single camera picture editing nominee for Better Call Saul
"I can’t believe it. I’m really blown away,” said Dixon, a Breaking Bad alum who received two nominations for Better Call Saul, one with co-editor Chris McCaleb. “This is the first year [of the series] and we had now idea if people would accept it. I’m just excited that people love the show, it’s very different from Breaking Bad. I’m so excited for Bob [Odenkirk, nominated for lead actor in a drama series] and Jonathan [Banks, nominated for supporting actor in a drama series]. There will probably be a big party in the office today."

Derek Waters, creator and star of variety sketch series nominee Drunk History
It was a combination of alarm clocks and phone calls that woke up Waters this morning, but he didn’t mind. “Those sounds made me really happy — it’s very surreal,” he told THR. “You make a show for fun — you’re doing it to make your friends and family laugh — so to be recognized by the Academy… I don’t have a word for it.” It will be Waters’ first Emmy Awards, so he’s excited to experience the show in person and not have to sit through commercials at home, he said.

Tom Wilson, single camera picture editing nominee for drama series Mad Men
Wilson has been with Mad Men since the start of the series, and earned his third nomination for the finale. “It’s incredibly exciting; we spent so many years working on it—it’s more exciting this year than ever before. Jon Hamm absolutely deserves the nomination and to win, not just for this season but the entire run of his phenomenal work. And Elizabeth Moss, we were hopeful she would get nominated mostly for the same reasons. I really hope she wins. I spoke with the editors and most of the producers today. We’ve been a close-knit family; we all kept in touch. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

Lori Greiner, cast member of reality competition series nominee Shark Tank
“I am so excited that Shark Tank was nominated today for an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Structured Reality Program,” said Greiner. "The strength and entrepreneurial expertise of my colleagues - Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran - along with our incredible teams at ABC and Sony Pictures Television and the amazing Mark Burnett and Clay Newbill, make it one of the smartest reality shows in television today. The constantly increasing popularity of the show proves to me that entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the how proves to me that entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the of the American dream are thriving, more than ever.”

Robert Herjavec, cast member of reality competition series nominee Shark Tank
“I thrilled that Shark Tank was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program,” said Herjavec. “We take such pride in promoting entrepreneurship and it’s incredible to see this show support the growth of small business in America. Congratulations to my fellow Sharks- Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran, the brilliant crew and production teams!”

Salvador Perez, costume design (contemporary) nominee for The Mindy Project
Perez got the news of his nomination via a phone call from series creator and star Mindy Kaling. “It meant so much to me that she told me. It’s such a collaboration and she really supports me. She was so excited, she’s a great champion of costume design. It was very sweet and means so much.” The costume designer has been with The Mindy Project since season one, joining just after the pilot, and is now starting season four. He also serves as president of the Costume Designers Guild, and added: “It’s great that the TV Academy opened up the category.” For the first time this year, costume design has categories for contemporary, as well as period/fantasy.

Josh Earl, picture editing on a reality programming nominee for Deadliest Catch
"Wow. Got to slow my heart rate... deep breaths... must refrain from using expletives. So much care is taken with every cut, every shot, every story we get to tell on Deadliest Catch. I couldn't be more honored to work with this crew or more humbled to be recognized by the academy. I get to cut on a show I truly love big a part of...This is just so damn cool. Holy shit!"