Emmy Rossum, Brad Goreski Fete Christian Louboutin's Latest Purse at L.A. Lunch

Emmy Rossum and her floral crown at Tuesday's Christian Louboutin luncheon.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Camilla Belle and stylist Cher Coulter also showed up to have a peek at Christian Louboutin's newest arm candy -- and wear flowers in their hair.

Fashion events have to distinguish themselves these days -- just promoting a new product and serving some nice food is not going to cut it. Nor does it make for stand-out, eye-grabbing Instagram shots. This is where party planner David Rodgers (who has figured out fetes for Cartier and Paramount) added a unique touch to Tuesday's Christian Louboutin Chateau Marmont lunch, thrown to promote the brand's new fall/winter 2014 Passage bag (which comes in two sizes, prints or solids, and converts to a clutch/tote from a crossbody). How'd he do it? Flowers.

FYI, a little birdie told us Louboutin is launching a beauty division this summer, on August 1. Perfume? Red nail polish? Red lipstick? So far, their lips are sealed.

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Upon entering the garden at the Chateau, the ladies (Emmy Rossum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Dita von Teese) -- and a few gents (stylist Brad Goreski) -- were greeted by florists entwining fresh flowers into wreaths that everybody wore as crowns of petals around a very long table. It was as if a gathering of stylish wood nymphs descended on the Chateau at lunch (stranger things have happened at the Chateau, we're sure).

The flower arrangements on the table were also standouts for their color combos and clear vases, and everyone was chomping at the bit to leave with some -- and many did.

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Sure, the bags were chic (we expect some will turn up at Cannes) but put a wreath of flowers on a woman's head and boy, does she want her photo to be taken! A great branding/image device on the part of Louboutin, and how much fun for everyone there. This writer wore hers till the end of the night, up and through the National's show at the Shrine.

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