Emmy Rossum's Expert Colorist Is Coming to Beverly Hills


Kathy Galotti from the Rossano Ferretti Salon in New York is now making exoduses to the West Coast.

Some of us are bigger beauty junkies than others. I admit to being about the biggest -- I've tried almost every hair color (almost forget what the real one is, but it's some kind of brunette), lipstick shade, eyeshadow color and texture, base makeup, etc. But cheating on my hair colorist is something I've never liked to do.

It's not as bad as cheating on your boyfriend,  so why does it make me feel so guilty? Perhaps because it's the hair that procures the boyfriend. But I recently tried a new colorist for me, Kathy Galotti of Rossano Ferretti Salon, and the guilt, after leaving my colorist for many years, is not nearly as intense as the result is great!

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Kathy was the brunette expert as Louis Licari for many years, the man who is credited with reinventing hair color in New York in the nineties, with texturizing with lowlights and highlights. She's been making Emmy Rossum's dark hair sing with light and texture for years -- Emmy was in the RF Bev Hills salon this weekend when I was there, for my second try.

Kathy assessed my hair the first time by immediately noticing my hair was lighter in the back than the front. She proceeded to put some caramel highlights in my very dark hair, but they were skinny, leaving the dark base shade in between. The streaks were only a shade or two lighter than my hair, but they really made it pop, and made my hair color match my skintone and eye color much better.

She also somehow avoided making my hair brassy or reddish, which is easily done when you highlight brunette tones. My ex-hair colorist always shot me down when I suggested highlights.

She also turned me onto Marco Norma, who is Italian international superstar Rossano Ferretti's best cutter in Miami now doing appointments in Beverly Hills, as well.

After the Oscars, Marco -- who somehow seems to be able to make thin hair look much much fatter (the opposite of the body ideal applies here) -- is going to be spending half his time in Los Angeles, which is lucky for Angeleno's. He is skilled, takes a long time to cut the hair, and promises what he delivers, which we've rarely had anyone be able to do. He can cut your hair and make it long both longer and thicker!

We highly recommend both these stylists, and so what if we're cheating on our regular hair squeezes? They'll get over it.

Meanwhile, my hair's never looked so good, and Rossano Ferretti Beverly Hills (345 N. Camden in Beverly Hills, 310 598 6780) sells the Shu Uemura hair products, which are the best in the world, and aren't easy to find anymore.

You can call the Beverly Hills Salon to get info on the schedules of both Kathy and Marco.

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