Emmy standouts each roll a seven

'Daily Show,' 'Race' add to consecutive record streak

After seven times, anything can get a little dull -- especially if it happens on a live TV awards show.

CBS' "The Amazing Race" won the reality-competition program Emmy for the seventh consecutive time Sunday night, and a short time later Comedy Central's "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" took home its seventh straight award for variety/music/comedy series.

That's a record-setting number of consecutive wins for a series in a single category. Last year, when both reached six in a row, that was a record too, outpacing five-straight-time winners "Frasier" and "Late Show With David Letterman."

For "Amazing Race," the victory means that there has not been another winner in the reality competition since the category was established in 2003.

"('Amazing Race') is a good show ... but for all the shows that are nominated, it's frustrating," Emmy-winning "Survivor" host Jeff Probst said backstage. "Maybe they should do what Oprah did and just pull themselves out of the running and make room for other people. Their walls are lined; they've got their share; maybe they can share now."

"Race" co-creator/executive producer Bertram Van Munster shot down Probst's idea.

"I'm going to discuss this with my committee here," he said, referring to the show's legion of producers standing behind him, "but it's unlikely."

Van Munster added that he thought ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" had a "really good shot" at taking home the trophy this time around. "I personally like that show very much," he said.

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One can't fault a show for winning, of course. If "Daily Show" and "Amazing Race" are the truly best in their categories, can one fault the TV academy for continuing to honor them?

Perhaps not, but some in the industry can't help but wonder if Emmy voters are really selecting the show based on impartial criteria or are simply voting for the one they tend to watch and like the best.

Kimberly Nordyke contributed to this report.